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Önling No 13 – accompanying Cashmere thread

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Önling No 13 is a wonderful, ultra-thin yarn, made from cashmere and ultra-soft wool from the first shearing of a lamb. This yarn CANNOT be used alone; it is meant to be used as an accompanying strand to add a touch of color, texture and structure.

Our Everyday Yarn, Önling No 12, and No 13 make up a fantastic combination, as No 13 gives No 12 a softer look, better texture and firmer structure. You can knit any size of an entire sweater using 2 cones of No 12 and 1 large cone of No 13. It can also be combined with Silk Mohair or lots of other yarns; only your imagination limits your options.

95% first-cut lambswool and 5% Cashmere

Available on two sizes of cones – choose above whether you want 1000 m or 1600 m. 

Small: 1000 m = approx. 50 g. 

Large: 1600 m = approx. 80 g.

Recommended needles/gauge: Not suitable for being worked alone; will not change the gauge of the main yarn.

Gauge needle size 3 mm / US 2.5: Önling No. 12 + No 13: 28 sts = 10 cm / 4 inches. 

Gauge, needle size 3.5 mm / US 4: Önling No. 12 + No 13: 23 sts = 10 cm / 4 inches. 

Önling No 13 is our new ultra-thin Cashmere yarn, a wonderful basic yarn that may be used for many different knitting projects. It comes in a lot of beautiful, mottled colors. It is a delicious yarn, and after being washed it will open up and turn even softer. 

Önling is always looking for new, exciting yarns, and we have been searching for quite a while for a beautiful accompanying strand of yarn that will liven up other yarn types, add a touch of color, texture and deliciousness. Önling No 13 meets all those criteria, and also lives fully up to Önling's quality demands. 

All our designs in Önling No 12, can be knitted in one strand No 13 and one strand No 12. For inspiration, knitting patterns with Önling No 12 here, as well as knitting kits with Önling No 12 here. 

Washing directions
The yarn Önling No 13 has not been prewashed when you receive the cones. You get the best result by soaking the finished project in lukewarm water for about 2 hours. Then wash the project as you would otherwise do using a wool wash, either by hand or using the wool cycle of your washing machine. Dry flat.  

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