Ruth Sørensen knitting kits with yarn and pattern

Ruth Sørensen - Denmark's uncrowned queen of Fair Isle

Önling has the great joy and pleasure of working closely with Denmark's most talented Fair Isle designer, namely Ruth Sørensen. Ruth is a trained textile designer, and has over the last many years, established herself as a very skilled knitting designer. She has a particular focus on and interest for Fair Isle knitting and multi-coloured knitting and is also a skilled workshop lecturer. On several occasions, Önling has been able to offer courses and workshops with Ruth, where she has taught Fair Isle techniques.

On this page you will find knitting kits for our selection of designs from Ruth Sørensen. The yarn sold in our knitting kits is always carefully selected so that it matches the gauge of the designer's original design and pattern. See also single patterns from Ruth Sørensen here

Knit with many colors in pattern knitting

Ruth Sørensen is not only fantastic at designing fair isle patterns, she also has a fantastic eye for putting colors together, so the patterns stand out as beautifully as possible as the colors enhance each other in the finished result.

Ruth has a huge flair for matching colors that work together and she is clearly inspired by nature and all its beautiful patterns when she develops her beautiful designs. The Copper Beech shawl is a really good example of this, and the Flowers of Scotland shawl with the beautiful thistle flowers is also a great example of her play with the shapes and colors of nature.

Popular designs from Ruth Sørensen

Although Ruth is probably best known for her beautiful, beautiful shawls, they are actually not the ones at the top of our hit list. Ruth has designed a couple of designs for Önling specifically, and of course we are very happy and proud of these.

The first of the models that Ruth Sørensen has designed for Önling is the Holly Sweater, with narrow Fair Isle stripes and is two-colored rib edges - a true Fair Isle classic in many, beautiful color combinations!

Also the Stella scarf - a warm and heavy scarf in a pretty fair isle pattern - has been designed for Önling by Ruth. Ruth's cowl is based on the same principles as the Stella scarf and is a great project for all your wool scraps.

Last, but not least, there will be a lovely fair isle cardigan coming very soon, called Sine Cardigan - a multicolored beauty with classic fair isle stripes and edges with two-tone ribbing.