Kits by Spektakelstrik - yarn and pattern

Spectacular designs from Spektakelstrik

Spektakelstrik has developed a range of spectacular and popular knit designs that we are quite excited about. Among other things you can find knitting kits and knitting patterns for the popular knitted vests that are super trendy among knitters of all ages and with all levels of knitting experience. 

Spektakelstrik develops knit designs for adults and children, so there is plenty of inspiration from the popular knit designer if you are looking for unique knit design.

Knitting kits with digital knitting patterns 

We have put together a collection of knitting kits for the popular designs from Spektakelstrik. All knitting kits contain a digital knitting pattern that will be made available right after purchase, as well as high-quality matching yarn for your chosen knit design. 

Who is Spektakelstrik? 

The creative mind behind Spektakelstrik is Mie Firring Christiansen, and she has told us more about the journey towards knit design at our blog. Here she writes "I'm a big fan of looking at design through unpretentious glasses and it's important to me that it's fun." Read the full blog post here. 

The artistic designs from Spektakelstrik are very inspiring, and at Önling we are proud to say, that Mie has chosen to develop some of her designs for our Önling yarn. 

Playful and unique designs from Spektakelstrik 

Most of the designs have been through a playful developing process. Mie emphasizes inspiration and always develop unique knitting patterns for her ideas. Her designs are often based on a classic design with an adventurous twist that makes it truly unique. 

For our knitting kits we have combined the spectacular knitting patterns with our sustainable yarns. A perfect combination, if you ask us. You can also purchase the knitting pattern by itself, if you have another preferred yarn type or your own unique idea. See all the knitting patterns from Spektakelstrik here

More from Önling's Nordic knitting universe 

Önling offers a complete knitting experience based on classic, Scandinavian designs and sustainable yarn. At Önling we develop knitting patterns and provide a broad choice of knitting kits from a range of talented Danish knit designers. In addition to that we sell yarn and knitting accessories, including our own range of sustainable Önling yarn. Everything we do is based on strong sustainable values, and with a focus on sustainable production, natural material and design with a long lifetime. Take a look around and find inspiration for your next knitting project!