Knitting books

Knitting books at Önling

At Önling we have a large selection of knitting books with patterns for cool, classic and beautiful designs. If you are missing patterns or inspiration for new creations, you may want to order a knitting book that appeals to you. You will surely benefit from a knitting book as it contains endless amounts of inspiration and creative ideas. Bring your new favorite knitwear to life by buying a knitting book.

On this page you will find our different knitting books, each of which of course have their own focus. Are you specifically looking for knitting books from Laine, everyday knitwear or something completely third - then you can find it here at Önling. We constantly update our selection so you can always find the latest books with us.

Under each book you can read about the level of difficulty, designs, styles and much more, in order to quickly find out if the book is right for you. You can find patterns for knitting everything from dish cloths, sweaters, bags to shawls, scarves, hats and mittens.

 There are big talents behind each knitting book

We have divided our books by author so you can easily get an overview of our selection. Click on the different knitting talents and look at their releases. All designers are extremely skilled in their own field - and they have also published very different books.

We can offer releases from the following skilled knitwear developers:

If you want to see our entire selection of books with knitting patterns, you will find all the books here on this page. In our selection you will find both brand new books as well as older books, that have become classics. You can also find entire book series such as "Favorite knits" by Katrine Hannibal and Camilla Vad, where we have both the first, second, third and fourth books in the popular series.

Find your next favorite book at Önling

Knitting books can be very different, but common to all of them, is that you benefit from the inspiration and tips and tricks that you find in the different books. Of course, a nice evening with knitting starts with an inspirational and elaborate book - so you can avoid the confusion with some patterns, you sometimes face online.

With a knitting book you get all the information you need in a good and explanatory way. With the knitting book in hand, you are able to create your new favorite clothing. We therefore recommend that you choose the book that appeals to you most. The book that involves the knitting patterns that you just cannot wait to get started with - no matter how much experience you have with knitting.

If you cannot find exactly what you are looking for inn our book selection, you'll also find more than 300 single patterns here in our webshop.