Kits from Hanne Falkenberg in Önling No 2, merino wool

Kits in soft and itch-free merino wool

Hanne Falkenberg has traditionally always designed in 100% Shetland wool, which is a big part of the characteristic Hanne Falkenberg look. However, we occasionally hear that Shetland wool can be a bit itchy against the skin, and that is why we have created a knitting kits for a number of Hanne's most popular designs in our soft, itch-free Önling No 2, which is 100% pure superfine merino wool. You can find them on this page.

Merino wool results in a softer and fluffier look

Önling No 2 has the same gauge as the Shetland wool that Hanne has always designed in (which we have included in our permanent yarn collection and call Önling No 20). However, the expression of Önling No 2 is completely different from Shetland wool - as the merino wool is a longer fibre, which results in a softer look and is softer against the skin. Merino wool is also known for its temperature-regulating properties.

Önling No 2 is in the category Superfine Super 100' merino wool and is carded in a special way, which makes the yarn airy and fluffy. This makes Önling No 2 a particularly fine, soft and delicious wool, which is suitable for knitting for both children and adults.