Patterns with Önling No 20, Shetland wool

Knitting with lovely, rustic Shetland wool

Above, you can see our selection of knitting patterns that are suitable for our popular yarn, Önling No 20. Önling No 20 is a warm and rustic wool yarn that gives your knitting a fantastic and rustic look and feel, with a long-lasting structure.

Önling No 20 is perfect for knitting beautiful sweaters and especially cardigans for women. Önling No 20 consists of 100% Shetland wool, and the yarn is exceptionally warm and durable. Also, it is very suitable for fair isle and multicolored knitting, partly because colors don't change over time and partly because you can choose between almost 70 colors - providing the basis for many stunning color combinations.

Önling No 20 is produced in Scotland at a family-owned spinning mill. With 225 years of experience in yarn production, their mill is still partially powered by an old water wheel. The yarn we buy from them carries the evidence of their philosophy, which is to preserve the best of the old while using new technology to support traditional methods and maintain high quality while reducing energy consumption.

Read more about Önling No 20 here or see our many knitting kits with Önling No 20 here. All you need to do when you buy a kit is to choose size and color.