Make a product review and win a gift card

We'd really like you to share your product experience with other customers!

That's why we give away one gift card of $50 for our web shop every month, and everyone who leaves a product review automatically participates.

Write a product review and win gift cards every month

Find the product you want to review on our web shop - either via the navigation in the top of the page or by searching for it. Underneath the product text of each product page, you will find a box that says "Customer reviews" - here you just click on the link "Write a review". Write your review and press send.

You automatically participate in the draw for a monthly gift card of $50 in the same month, in which you wrote your review.

The winners will be notified directly by email on the 1st of the following month.

The more reviews you make, the more tickets you get in the draw.