Önling is born with slow fashion at heart

We created Önling as an alternative to a fashion industry where more collections, styles and items are introduced every year. Our ambition was to create a  counter movement to the fast-paced fashion hamster wheel that seeks to constantly increase the pace of both consumption and disposal.

It is an unsustainable development that is neither good for people, animals or our planet. If we are to seriously change the world's approach to clothing and clothing production, someone must jump off the hamster wheel.

That's why we created Önling

Önling's four promises

To ensure we stay on track, we have made four 'slow' promises, to both you as a customer, and to ourselves.

These promises weave like a red thread through every decision we make at Önling

# PEOPLE: We care about the people who grow, produce and transport our products.

# ANIMALS: We have respect for the well-being of the animals that provide wool for our products.

# PLANET: We make decisions with consideration for our environment and climate.

# LONGEVITY: We aspire to create long-lasting wardrobes that consists of favorite pieces

Photo by Dani Guitarra on Unsplash

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Our ambition is to design your favorite clothes

At Önling, we prefer it when things go a little slower - apart from delivering your orders of course. Most business manuals explain that success comes from constantly boosting customers' need to buy new, buy more, and buy more frequently. We don't knit like that.

We want the trend to go the opposite way. We believe that if garments are designed well and of high quality, and people create them themselves, then they develop more respect and love for them. This increases their potential to become a favorite piece of clothing, one people will – and can – use forever, and maybe even pass onto the next generation.

Conscious choices - every single day

When you knit something yourself, you weave a whole story into the piece of clothing you create. A story about the people and animals that have contributed to the yarn you are working with. A story made up of the choices we've made along the way, from sheep to design, to packing the order you receive in your mailbox.

These conscious choices are reflected every time you - or one of your loved ones - put on a piece of clothing knitted from our yarn, and this is something we are very aware of - every single day.

We want to make it easy for you to create your favorite sweater. The sweater that you'll want to wear again and again for the next 10 years - preferably until it's worn out.

Katrine og Lotte - owners of Önling