VAT and currencies

About VAT and currencies in Önling's webshop

VAT - if you are shopping from a country in the EU:

If you are shopping from another country within the EU, we show you prices in euros INCLUDING your local VAT. We are required to charge you the local VAT rate in your local market - on the other hand, you will not be met with any additional duties or VAT charges, once your order arrives. It is a prerequisite that your order is shipped to a country within the EU.  

VAT - if you are shopping from a country outside the EU: 

If you are shopping from a country outside the EU, we are showing you prices in either dollars or your local currency EXCLUDING VAT. This means that the price shown to you, is approximately 10% cheaper than prices shown in euros to customers within the EU (depending on currency fluctuations). This is to account for the fact that you might be required to pay your local VAT and duties once your order arrives in customs.  

Currencies are based on you IP number 

All prices in our international webshop are shown in your local currency. We know from the IP number, you are browsing from, which country you are from and we use this information to serve you the relevant price in your local currency. Therefore, if you are browsing anonymously or from a hidden IP number, we cannot show you prices in your local currency.