Hanne Falkenberg - all designs

Hanne Falkenberg Design lives on at Önling

We are very proud that Önling has been allowed to carry on the many beautiful designs from Hanne Falkenberg, and that her well-known designs can now primarily be bought here in Önling's webshop, in the form of knitting kits with yarn and patterns. 

Hanne Falkenberg is an iconic and beloved, Danish hand knit designer, and she stands behind a large number of beautiful and well-known hand knit designs. She has always designed in her unique Shetland yarn, and most of her designs are knitted in this yarn.

You will be able to shop for pre-made kits for her designs or you can buy her well-known yarn by the skein. When you buy a kit for a Hanne Falkenberg design, you will receive a digital pattern and the original Hanne Falkenberg yarn.

The Shetland yarn has a very wide color chart with an incredible number of beautiful colors, and Hanne Falkenberg has always put great love and care into selecting and composing colors for her models. Therefore, for each design, there is the option to choose between different colors and color combinations, so you can knit in exactly the colors that create your favorite knit.

Beautiful, classic designs and focus on quality

There is a good match between Hanne Falkenberg as a knitting designer and Önling's knitting universe. Önling's ambition is to create your favorite knit, and we believe that Hanne Falkenberg's beautiful and classic designs live up to this ambition. It is important for Önling that your hand knitting will be used for many years, and thus support slow fashion and sustainability. Hanne Falkenberg has also focused on giving her designs a long life, by using knitting techniques that ensure a good fit and a well-crafted design with a nice finish. Many of her designs are thus already iconic classics that have shown their worth, both by being popular over a number of years and across seasons and fashion trends. In addition, Hanne Falkenberg's patterns are fun to knit, as she uses some exciting knitting techniques, and a different construction method. It contributes to the good knitting experience, and thus to create your favorite knit.

Hanne Falkenberg models

As mentioned, Hanne Falkenberg is behind a number of models that are so well-known and unique that they are known by name among knitters. This applies to e.g. the popular sweater Studio, which is known for the beautiful construction with diagonal stripes and zigzag pattern. Studio and the sister Studio Long are, as is characteristic of many of Hanne Falkenberg's models, knitted in garter stitch, and with thin stripes in two or three colors, which provides a nice, graphic expression. Another popular model is, very well deserved, the beautiful Mermaid, which is a waist jacket with a very nice shape with wedges and vertical stripes. Mermaid is worked back and forth in garter stitch and always with only one color at a time, which is very characteristic for Hanne Falkenberg, and which - for many knitters -  contributes quite significantly to the good knitting experience. We can also highlight the beautiful Mariager cape, which is a beautiful and characteristic example of Hanne Falkenberg's design with the knitted stripes, graphic expressions and good use of colors. Hanne Falkenberg is well known for this particular type of garment, namely the cape, which can be described as an open vest or cardigan without sleeves.

Hanne Falkenberg knitting patterns

Hanne Falkenberg knitting patterns are not sold as single patterns, and are thus only available when buying a knitting kit with yarn and pattern. At Önling, we deliver knitting patterns digitally as a PDF file immediately after purchase. This also applies to Hanne Falkenberg patterns, which can thus be downloaded immediately after the purchase of a knitting kit for one of Hanne Falkenberg's designs above.