Patterns by designer

Knitting patterns by designer

At Önling we have an exciting selection of knitting patterns from some of the most talented designers in Denmark. Each designer puts his or her own personal touch on the design as it develops - which is why there is also a big difference in how each design is turned into a pattern. To make it clearer to those, who may not know the different knitwear designers, we've put together an overview here. That way you can easily get a quick glimpse of all the designers we sell knitting patterns by. 

Among Önling’s own team, you will find Katrine Hannibal, a popular and inspirational designer. As Önling's creative director, we have an in-depth knowledge of Katrine and her creative abilities. We highly recommend you patterns by Katrine Hannibal if you lack inspiration for simple everyday favorites. The minimalist style means that the different designs do not go out of fashion. If you are a beginner, we can especially recommend knitting patterns from Önling’s own Easy Peasy collection or from PetiteKnit. PetiteKnit has a wide selection of designs - both for beginners and for the more experienced. At Önling, we are absolutely delighted to include instructional YouTube videos for some of the patterns. This way, as a beginner you can easily get help with specific techniques and styles. At PetiteKnit you will find a lot of simple styles inspired by the Scandinavian look.

Skilled designers with clear and instructional patterns

At Önling we are convinced that the best designers are the ones, who can create clear and instructional patterns, that guide you through the entire process. That's why we have selected the very best, so that you can receive understandable patterns from the most popular designers. When speaking of popular and instructional patterns, you cannot get around Marianne and Helga Isager. Mother and daughter and infamous in the Nordics for their classic, beautiful and Scandinavian designs.

We offer patterns for nice, feminine designs from PlumMum. Among the popular patterns from PlumMum include Crazy Simple Cardi, which - as its name suggests - has a very simple patterns. PlumMum also offers other beautiful and elegant designs, such as the soft and beautiful Wrap me up cardigan in pure silk mohair.

Önling is also pleased to be able to present some of the newer designers in the field such as Spektakelstrik”. Spektakelstrik offers many fun and innovative designs, where the mission behind it all is to make knitting fun. We really want to help carry out that mission at Önling.

Get inspired by our selection

Take a closer look at the different designers and their unique style. At Önling we also offer sewing patterns from, which you’ll hopefully like. Our sewing patterns are mainly for knitting accessories, so you can sew anything from knitting cases for your needles and project bags for your knitting projects. See our selection of sewing patterns here.