Summer tops and t-shirts knitting patterns

Summertime is also knitting time – there are so many great summer knits that you can both knit in the summer and wear on sunny days. Here is our collection of knitting patterns for summer knits such as knitted t-shirts and summer tops. 

Summer knitting with Önling

Knitted tops, t-shirts and slipovers are a new favorite of ours, and we have recently developed a series of knitting pattern for light summer knits. For good reasons cotton yarn, is the obvious choice for summer knits for many knitters, and we too have some lovely summer styles among our knitting patterns with cotton. However, wool yarns also have advantages for summer knits, as wool is breathable and has a natural ability to keep your body at the right temperature both when it’s cold and warm. Another summer favorite of ours is therefore our wool/cotton yarn Önling No 12, which takes the best of wool and cotton, as these knitting patterns for Önling No 12 takes advantage of. If you are looking for the absolute luxury in terms of light knitted tops, we can also recommend knitting kits with our popular silk kit, consisting of three thin yarns made of silk, merino wool and linen, which knitted together gives a remarkable look and feel. All the knitting patterns here are also available as knitting kits for tops and t-shirts, were you get matching yarn for your knitting project, both in terms of yarn type and amount. Our knitting kits are available in many beautiful, carefully selection color variants.

We are inspired by the Nordic knitting tradition

Knitting patterns from Önling are designed by our creative director and co-founder Katrine Hannibal. Being a Danish design brand, Önling is inspired by the Nordic design tradition, and strive to design simple, functional and timeless garments that will be your favorites for many years to come. See all knitting patterns by Önling and Katrine Hannibal here.