Önling creates unique Nordic knit design and slow fashion

The story of Önling

Önling was created in 2015 by Katrine Hannibal and Lotte Ronan, with the aim of designing your favorite knits. The things that you use again and again, in many different contexts, because they make you feel comfortable and have a versatile and classic expression.

We believe in classic design, sustainable production, natural materials and a long life time. These values permeate everything we do and all our designs. Our knitting patterns  are in a Nordic, classic style, and we produce our own, sustainable yarns at a family-run spinning mill in Italy - and everything is based on the principle that in order for it to become your favorite garment, it must be made of good, natural materials.

Önling means favorite in Danish. Just to prove that our ambition of making your favorite knitwear, is something we take quite seriously

A passion for sustainability and creativity

When wool is used for hand knitting, it becomes sustainable in its very own way. When you produce your new favorite garment with your own hands and knitting needles, it happens with minimal impact on the environment. Completely without emissions from production and pollution from packaging and transportation. And the lifespan of beautiful clothing produced by yourself is very long.

Önling produces and sells our own yarns, produced at a family-run yarn spinning mill in Italy. The yarn is sustainably produced and meets organic standards with the following certificates: Defra Animal Welfare, Caregora (angora), NWD integrity program (wool) / Sustainawool, TF Traceability & Fashion / Tessile & Saltute / REACH, Origine Preferenziale / Preferential Origin.

Wool is a renewable material, and all our wool can be traced all the way back to the individual sheep on the individual field. Our suppliers can vouch for the welfare of the animals and of course all our wool is mulesing-free.

At Önling creativity and sustainability goes hand in hand

Circular packaging
We have boycotted plastic!

We have chosen to avoid using plastic completely in our production, as we do not want to contribute to the plastic islands floating around in the world's oceans. We strive to wrap all our products in recycled paper bags, and while this may sound like a small change, it's a big deal for us. We have already saved the environment 70,000 plastic bags and we are proud to have taken on this responsibility.

In addition, all our shipping bags are either made from recycled paper or 100% recycled plastic. We collaborate with the company RE-ZIP, which offers a circular packaging concept that reduces the CO2 footprint by up to 88% compared to disposable packaging.

Önling is based on three key design and production principles:


A classic collection not dominated by trends, but with timeless pieces that are wearable, and that will last, from one season to the next. 


Made from clean, natural materials of the highest quality, including GOTS certified wool and cotton, deadstock fabrics, fish leather, tencel and bamboo. 


Focused on doing the right thing at every step in our supply chain, from using sustainable fabrics and replacing all packaging with recycled paper rather than plastic to ensuring everyting we print is biodegradable and cradle-to-cradle certified.

You can make a difference with your purchase!

We believe that consumers give a vote, when they shop and that every single purchase you make, is a message to companies about which direction you want them to steer in. So we ask you to let your purchase count, by purchasing from companies that make a difference.

Our hope is that more people will buy less - but better. Think before you buy, and buy only what you really want and need.