Knitting kits from Önling

Welcome to our knitting kits! A knitting kit from Önling contains carefully selected yarn, that matches the gauge and quality of the design you want to knit, and in the amount matching your selected size. You will always have the option to choose between a range of different colors. The vast majority of our knitting kits also contain the knitting pattern, the only exception is knitting designs from books. In these cases, purchasing the book is a clearly marked option.
We are proud to present more than 200 knitting kits. Use the top menu or the filters to find exactly what inspires you. You can select a category if you know you are looking to knit a sweater, or sort by designer, if you already have a favorite designer in mind. Please enjoy!

Sustainability and favorite clothes

Önling wants to create your favorite clothes – and you can be part of creating them! We believe that the best clothes are made from a combination of beautiful, timeless design that will last from one season to the next, and pure, natural, high-quality materials. We are therefore proud of our selection of knitting kits, because they achieve exactly this, by combining knitting patterns from talented designers, among these our own Önling designs by Katrine Hannibal, with our carefully selected yarns made of natural materials. We can therefore deliver a package to our customers, that live up to our sustainable values, and together create your favorite clothes that will last longer and be more environmentally friendly.

Knitting kit for winter or summer?

At Önling we have more than 600 knitting kits, and we keep adding more. So, no matter whether you are looking for warm, cozy knits for winter or light, colorful summer knits, we have something for you. Our own designs are primarily focused on knitting patterns for women, but we also have a lot to offer in the area of baby knit. We have for instance a large selection of knitting kits for sweaters, which is a classic knitting category and a favorite among knitters. We would here like to highlight our Icelandic knitting kits, as well as our popular Silk Sweater, a unique and light silk blouse. Another knitters’ favorite is knitting kits for cardigans, where we offer both short, elegant cardigans and long, warm cardigans. Wintertime favorites of course also include knitting kits for hats and mittens, these are always a good way to keep yourself and your loved ones warm with knitted pieces of love. But knitting is for us so much more than the classic knitted sweaters, we have a particular love for summer knits, and love spending our summers with the needles in our hands. We therefore have a strong selection of knitting kits for tops and t-shirts. Similarly, our knitting kits for shawls and scarves include warm winter favorites as well as light summer shawls such as mohair shawls and shawls with lace patterns.

Matching yarn selected by our knitting experts

When we create knitting kits at Önling, we put a lot of thought into selecting yarn that matches the knitting pattern and the design, as well as choosing colors and color combinations that complements the design. It is our strong belief, that when you spend time knitting a piece of garment, it is important to choose high-quality yarn made of natural materials, so the result will be something you can love and use for many years to come. We use our own Önling yarn for many of our knitting kits, because Önling yarn is sustainably produced, high-quality yarns that give the natural, soft look and feel that we love so much. When we have chosen yarn that matches the design, we always create a range of color combinations, so you always will be able to choose your own colors for your knitting kit.

Find a knitting kit with your favorite yarn

Yarn is an important part of a knitting kit, both for the knitting experience and for the finished result. In order to help you find a knitting kit with the yarn you want to use, you can sort our knitting kits based on material by using the main menu. This way you can for instance see knitting kits with cotton or knitting kits with silk mohair. If you are looking even more specifically for knitting kits with a certain type of yarn, you can see all our yarns here, and for each yarn find links to knitting kits and knitting patterns made with that exact yarn, that could for instance be knitting kits with Önling No 1, or knitting kits with Isager Alpaca 2.