Yarn for your knitting project

Yarn is an immensely important part of any knitting project! The yarn you choose for a project will have a significant impact on how much you enjoy knitting it, as well as for the quality of the finished result. At Önling we have an exclusive collection of high-quality yarn made from natural materials. Our yarns are all selected to match our knit designs and must contribute to creating absolute favorite pieces that you will love and wear for many years.

In addition to our own sustainable Önling yarn, we also sell yarn from selected producers, who live up to our high standards for quality and share our values. This includes the Danish yarn brands Isager, Mohair by Canard and Krea Deluxe.

For each type of yarn in our collection, we link to matching knitting patterns and knitting kits, to guide you towards suitable and inspirational knitting projects for each specific type of yarn.

Favorite clothes are made from natural materials

Önling was created with the purpose of creating our customers’ favorite clothing, and we believe that for your finished knitting project to become a favorite item, it must be made of good quality, natural materials. Great yarn of high quality and natural materials contribute to making the clothes more comfortable to wear, as well as to making the clothes last longer, thereby making your clothes more resource efficient and environmentally friendly.

Yarn from carefully selected Danish yarn producers

At Önling we produce and distribute our own series of Önling yarn, which is a series of sustainable yarn produced according to organic standards at a family owned yarn spinning mill in Italy. Many of our yarns are based on merino wool. We love wool, because it is a renewable material, and all our wool can be traced back to a specific sheep at a specific field. In addition to our own yarn, we have a strong partnership with Isager, as we share many values and attitudes. Isager produces yarn of the highest possible quality and are known for their classic and durable yarns made of natural fibers, and we are proud to present a selection of Isager yarns. Another admirable Danish yarn producer is Krea Deluxe, who right from the start specialized in organic, GOTS certified luxury yarns, with a quality and color palette that fits right into Önling’s knitting universe. Last but not least, we are proud of including Brushed Lace from Mohair by Canard, as Mohair by Canard share our values on sustainability, and among other things work with local organizations to ensure the welfare of the mohair goats that contribute to the production of their yarns. Read more about our yarn suppliers here.

Many types of knitting yarn

The various natural materials each have their qualities and match different knitting projects and preferences. We therefore stock a series of yarn made from different natural materials, and we have made it easy to explore our knitting kits by material. Wool yarn and merino wool yarn are surely among the most popular types of yarn, and since it is also one of our favorites, we have a vast selection of yarns made of wool and merino wool. Classic wool yarns made of wool from sheep is related to another series of our yarns, made of wool from other animals. Among these are of course the popular alpaca yarn, the unique angora yarn, the light and airy mohair yarn, and the luxurious cashmere yarn, all of which are both soft and warm. Another branch of yarn is cotton yarn from the cultivation of the cotton plant. Cotton is particularly popular for light summer knits and the new trend of knitted dish cloths. Read more about yarn materials here.

What to knit with your yarn?

If you are looking for inspiration for what to knit with your yarn (and by that we obviously mean “if you need and excuse to buy more yarn…”), you can see our vast selection of knitting patterns here. We can also recommend getting one of our many knitting kits, where you get a package with yarn and matching knitting pattern. Our focus is primarily on knitting patterns for women, but we also have an entire section on baby knit. For knitting patterns as well as knitting kits, it is possible to sort by material in the main menu, so you can find inspiration for your preferred material. If you have a specific brand or type of yarn in mind, you can click the yarns in our collection and find links to knitting patterns and knitting kits that feature that exact type of yarn. See for instance our mohair knitting patterns or cotton knitting patterns here.