Katrine Hannibal designs - knitting kits from Önling

Önling knitting kits designed by Katrine Hannibal

Welcome to our selection of Önling knitting kits designed by Katrine Hannibal. These knitting kits all include a digital knitting pattern and carefully selected yarn of high quality, often our own sustainable Önling yarns. Find your favorite design and choose your yarn colors - Please enjoy! 

Katrine Hannibal 

At Önling we are pleased to have our very own Katrine Hannibal and her stunning knit designs represented in our catalogue. Katrine Hannibal is co-founder and Creative Director at Önling and has created more than 150 knitting patterns designed for knitters who want to create their own favorite clothes. 

Katrine Hannibal has in her role of in-house designer been part of realizing the vision behind Önling. Katrine Hannibal creates designs that inspire knitters to create favorite clothes. But what does it take for clothes to become your favorite? 

At Önling we believe that classic, beautiful designs and sustainable yarns create favorite clothes. When using natural materials, you can create clothes that are comfortable to wear, and what you want to wear all the time. Those are favorite clothes. And those are the knitting patterns Katrine Hannibal is creating for Önling 

A universe of favorite designs 

Katrine Hannibal is the creative mind behind an entire universe of favorite clothes. She has so far published 4 books in the series Favorite Knits (Yndlingsstrik), that you can see here. The Nordic knitting tradition is a clear inspiration for all designs. 

Katrine Hannibal has developed designs for all categories of garments, and at the top of this page you can use the filters to sort the knitting kits in the categories sweater, cardigan, tops and t-shirts, dresses, hats and mittens, shawls and scarves, as well as bags and home accessories. 

For all categories it is easy to purchase a knitting kit, that includes a digital knitting pattern and matching yarn. It is also possible to purchase all the knitting patterns individually here. 

Popular designs by Katrine Hannibal 

The super light and elegant Silk Sweater is a very popular design. The sweater is knit in a combination of thin luxury yarns made of silk, merino wool and linen. These yarns combine to give a stunning color effect as well as a unique, light sweater.

Another favorite we have to mention is the gorgeous Cloud shawl, knit in our own sustainable silk mohair yarn Önling No 10. As the name indicates, this shawl is light as a cloud, due to the light and airy silk mohair and light lace design. Created by talented Katrine Hannibal this gives a favorite that is easy to knit - no wonder this is a best seller!