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Woolen garments can last for years, but you need to take good care of them. Washing is hard on clothes - and especially when they are made from wool. A general rule is that wool should be washed much less often than other materials because it has a self-cleansing effect. Wool contains lanolin, which reacts chemically with moisture and salt and prevents the smell of for example sweat to take a hold in your garment as long as the clothes are simply hung out to air.
Find tips on how to combine the pretty colors in your very own Silk kit. Previously, the Silk Kit was only sold in pre-packed color combinations, but from Januar 2023, we have 'set the silk kit free' and you are now free to choose your favorite color combinations. 
Nabita Jouret designs under the name Créadia Studio and she has designed the unique Sharpei Sweater in Önling yarn. The sweateren looks complicated but is actually pretty straight forward to knit. It is worked from the bottom-up and is soft and light with a good hold.