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Önling is launching three new designs, as a tribute to Fanø Knitting Festival, which has just been taking place for the very last time. The special and cozy festival atmosphere on this cozy, Danish island, has inspired us to 3 new designs
If you are new to knitting it can seem a daunting task to knit your first larger project, for example a sweater. But don’t panic – there are plenty of very easy and beginner-friendly knitting designs for easy sweaters, and plenty of tips and how-to videos that can guide you through. Here we give you our very best tips for how to get through the process of knitting your first sweater.
At Önling, we want to make it easy to find inspiring knitting projects at great value for money. That is why we initiated our knitting box concept, which is a box full of yarn, patterns, inspiration and pampering. Easy to buy and easy to get started with. And you always save minimum 25%.
We help you cut through the jungle of information as a new knitter. Find the best beginner knitting project and learn how to get started with tips, tricks and how to videos. Made for knitters by knitters.
We are very proud and happy to announce that the iconic, Danish hand-knitting designer, Hanne Falkenberg, will be part of Önling's universe going forward. Önling will bring the Hanne Falkenberg brand forward with a breath of new life and in digital clothing, but with the same name and designs you know.

Again this year, Önling has made an Advent calendar for knitters - or actually two. One for beginners and one for the experienced knitter. It is important for us that everyone can participate, as knitting is something we can do together. It creates unity, joy and coziness at the same time that you will hopefully feel a little challenged.

Why knit with magic loop and not with double pointed needles? There can be several reasons for this, but many new knitters find it much easier to knit with a magic loop than double pointet needles. You can read our thoughts on why one chooses one over the other in this blog.
Why knit with several threads of yarn rather than one thread? You can knit with double yarn, for example, to obtain a different color expression, find the correct gauge, etc.