Knitting accessories

Large selection of knitting accessories

At Önling we have a vast collection of knitting accessories, that you can find above. Önling is created by passionate knitters, so all our accessories have been carefully selected and tested. Only the best knitting supplies that contribute to a great knitting experience become part of our selection of knitting accessories. We love gadgets and tools that makes knitting easier and more fun or personalizes your project bag. As you know, knitting is not just a hobby…!

A closer look at our knitting supplies

In order to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for (or discover new things you cannot live without…), we have made an attempt to divide our knitting accessories into subcategories. First off all we have the very important category knitting needles, where we are particularly fond of knitting with the HiyaHiya needles. Another favorite category is knitting tools, which contains all the small tools and gadgets that you use during the knitting project – you know, all those things that makes knitting easier and even more enjoyable. If you are looking for a gift for a fellow knitter, knitting tools is definitely a good place to look!

When you a looking for luxury…

If you are looking for luxury knitting accessories, we would like to recommend our selection of bags and cases made especially for knitters. Here you will find various types of project bags as well as purses and cases for keeping all your knitting accessories organized. You should for example take a look at the luxurious leather cases from MG&Ko, these are all hand-made from full-grain leather and designed especially for knitters and our particular wishes. If you are looking for a cozy, Nordic knitting experience, you should also take a look at our Goodies from Önling, which among other things include our own version of project bags, custom made pins and the delicious tea when drink when we are cuddled up with a blanket and our knitting needles.  

Knitting accessories from selected suppliers

Our knitting accessories are primarily sourced from a small range of carefully selected suppliers, all chosen for their approach to knitting and their high quality. On of our favorites is CocoKnits from California, known for a genius approach to design and strong values regarding social and environmental sustainability. You can read more about CocoKnits and see their products here. Another supplier worth highlighting is HiyaHiya who, in addition to supplying the best knitting needles, also produces a series of knitting supplies that are a treat for all knitters. The gorgeous leather products from MG&Ko we already mentioned above, but the products made by Mathilde from MG&Ko are truly a favorite that should not be missed. Last but not least, we are happy to supply you with the popular textile labels from PetiteKnit, so you can add that final, personal touch to your knitting project from PetiteKnit. At Önling we are proud to supply knitters world-wide with high quality knitting accessories from our universe of Nordic knits.