Kits by material

Many knitters have their favourite material, and each material has their own qualities. That's why we've made sure that you can use our topmenu, or browse this page to find a knitting kit with the material you're looking for. 

Proceed to knitting patterns in your desired material - or scroll down to read more about the materials and yarn. 

Knitting kits with alpaca
Knitting kits with angora   
Knitting kits with cotton
Knitting kits with cashmere
Knitting kits with merino wool and wool
Knitting kits with mink
Knitting kits with silk mohair
Knitting kits with silk kit

Knitting kits and material choice - natural materials

The choice of material is an important part of a knitting kit, since the material plays a big part in the knitting process and the finished result. Therefore many knitters have a strong opinion on which material they like to work with and which material fits their desired goal the best. So does Önling! First and foremost we put an emphasis on choosing natural materials, afterwards it's important to choose a material with qualitites that fits the desired knitting design.

Knitting kits in different materials

We've categorized our kntiting kits by the materials they include, and since some knitting kits use multiple materials, you may find the same knitting kit in different categories.