Wool yarn - all the popular types of wool yarn

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    Wool yarn - a knitters' favorite!

    At Önling we have a large selection of soft, amazing wool yarn, because wool is simply the all-time knitters' favorite. Wool is a wonderful, natural material, that in addition to being a joy to work with also has outstanding qualities in use. Wool fibers can be spun into thin wool yarn as well as chunky wool yarn, and they can be combined with other fibers, to create a myriad of yarn types. See our full collection of wool yarn above, with yarn from well-known Isager yarn and our own Önling yarn.

    What to knit with wool yarn?

    Wool yarn can be used to knit almost anything, from baby knit, over socks to chunky sweaters and elegant cardigans. The most important part is therefore to find the right type of wool yarn for your project. Thin wool yarn can for instance be used to create light sweaters with elegant details and patterns, whereas chunky wool yarns are great for warm sweater and cozy cardigans. If you want to knit baby clothes or something that is worn right on your skin, it is of course important to choose an extra soft yarn, this could for instance be merino wool yarn, which is made from a particularly soft breed of wool.

    When you visit each of the yarn types above to read more and see the color range, you will also find links to knitting kits and knitting patterns suitable for that particular yarn. Are you looking for more inspiration for knitting projects with wool yarn, you can find knitting kits with wool yarn here as well as all our knitting patterns for wool yarn here.

    Great qualities of wool yarn

    Most importantly, wool yarn has a natural heat regulating quality, that helps the body adjust and stay at a comfortable temperature. This is particularly known for cold temperatures, where it is easy to stay warm and comfortable in a woolen sweater. But it is also relevant in warmer temperatures, as wool is breathable and helps transport sweat away from the body, thereby helping the body to cool down. In addition to this, wool has a self-cleansing quality, so woolen clothes do not require washing as often as other textiles. Often it will be sufficient to hang wool clothes outside to freshen up.

    Wool yarn and sustainability

    Wool has a series of sustainable qualities. First of all, it is a renewable resource as it "grows naturally" on sheep. In addition to this, it is relatively easy to transform sheep wool into yarn, and the production therefore does not require a resource intensive transformation. In use, wool has the water and energy preserving quality, that is does not require washing as often as other textiles, as mentioned above. You can read more about Önling's sustainable values and approach to products and design here.

    When you knit garments by hand, you put a lot of energy and devotion into creating each piece of garment, and hand knitted clothes are therefore often used a lot more and for more years than clothes purchased of the rack. This further contributes to making hand knitted clothes a sustainable choice, whether it is knit in wool yarn or other types of yarn.