VesterbyCrea kits with yarn and pattern

VesterbyCrea - beautiful and feminine knitting designs

Thea Vesterby is the woman behind VesterbyCrea, and she is a very talented Danish knitwear designer with a great eye for feminine aesthetics. At Önling, you can buy both VesterbyCrea's single patterns, but also the pattern plus yarn (which together make a knitting kit) for all her designs. The yarn sold in our knitting kits is always carefully selected so that it matches the knitting gauge of the designer's original design and pattern.

VesterbyCrea has a long career in the world of advertising but started knitting in 2019 and already in 2020 she started making and selling her own knitting patterns. Now a full-time designer, she spends all her time designing knitting patterns and exploring different types of yarn and knitting techniques.

We love Thea's dreamy and feminine designs and can hardly wait to get the designs on our needles. We think she is particularly skilled at creating unique designs using cable, braid and lace patterns - something that characterizes the vast majority of her knitting designs.

On this page you can find all our knitting kits in Önling's yarns for VesterbyCrea's feminine designs. See also knitting patterns by VesterbyCrea here

Popular designs from VesterbyCrea

Thea Vesterby is probably best known for the design called No 31 sweater with the beautiful swan neck and lots of cables. However, we also love the fluffy 09V sweater or the cozy No 11 sweater. Most recently, she has added the unique No 43 top with the airy puff sleeves and the beautiful Wavebag, which is perfect as a beach bag, for grocery shopping or as a project bag for your knitwear.

Feminine and floral sweaters and cardigans

Thea Vesterby is clearly a sweater girl and the vast majority of her designs are indeed sweaters - but always with beautiful, feminine and understated details that give them an extra twist. A good example of this is the No 30 sweater, with the beautiful structured knitted sleeves. An example of a cardigan that is very characteristic of Thea Vesterby's style is the No 09 cardigan, which is light and airy with the finest lace pattern and a good fit. Thea's slightly dreamy - and very feminine - style is shown in both of these designs.