How to purl

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Learn how to purl knit:

In the video, we show you how to purl, and once you have practiced a bit you will suddenly discover that you can knit all sorts of exciting projects just by being able to knit and purl.

If you want to learn to purl, you can watch this video. We show you how to purl in the most common continental / Danish way. There are several methods for knitting purl, including the Finnish one, where the yarn is in front. The Danish method is also called continental purl when the yarn is in your left hand. If you need to work back and forth in stockinette sts, you need to knit and purl. If you do not know how to knit stockinette sts, you can watch this tutorial on stockinette stitches.

The purl stitch is a little more challenging than the stockinette stitch, but with a little practice you will learn it easily. On your left needle is your work with all the stitches that we need to work on to the right needle. You stick your right needle under the stitch on the left needle with the yarn in front from right to left. Move the right needle around the left and twist the yarn around the needle, from the bottom and up. The yarn must now return through the loop in the following way: Lead the right needle back in front of the left and under the stitch on the left needle. Pass the stitch onto the right needle and release the loop from the left needle. Your have now made your first purl stitch.

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Above we have made most of our knitting tutorials on how to knit the most basic techniques available. If you want to see more videos and learn more exciting knitting techniques, then you can subscribe to our channel on YouTube, you can find us under the name 'Önling Knit', or watch more videos here.

Find your first knitting project

Now that you have learned the most basic knitting techniques, there is a whole world of exciting knitting projects waiting for you. So which project should you choose to begin with? We have written a blog post about choosing a 'Good beginner knitting project' here. And we have selected and collected both knitting patterns for beginners and beginner knitting kits with yarn and pattern, so you can easily find a knitting project that is both beginner-friendly and beautiful. If you already know what you want to knit, we have collected beginner patterns for the most popular categories, e.g. "Knit a vest for beginners" and 'Baby knits for beginners'. Whatever you choose, we wish you a lot of fun with your knitting, and hope you will share your knitting passion with us, e.g. on Instagram.