Mohair yarn

Mohair yarn - popular for knitting

Mohair is a popular fiber among knitters – for good reasons (see more below). And we are therefore proud to present this selection of mohair yarn, that we have carefully selected for our discerning customers. The mohair yarns above are all available in many stunning colors, so be sure to take a closer look at each type of mohair yarn to see their unique color scales. For each yarn you will also find links to knitting patterns and knitting kits with that particular yarn, so you can easily find inspiration and ideas for how to make the most of your favorite mohair yarn. You can also see the combined collection of all mohair knitting patterns here. If you are looking for inspiration for knitting projects with mohair yarn, you can also see our collection of knitting kits with mohair yarn here.

Where does mohair come from?

Even though mohair yarn is loved by knitters, the precious yarn is surrounded by some mystery and curiosity. We are therefore often asked what mohair is made of or which animal mohair comes from, so let us here clarify that once and for all: Mohair is the wool from the Angora goat (also sometimes called the Mohair goat). So, mohair comes from a particular breed of goats, and not from sheep like most types of wool. Because of the name “Angora goat”, mohair is sometimes confused with angora wool, which is a mistake since angora wool refers to wool from the Angora rabbit (read more about angora yarn here).

Why knit with mohair?

Mohair yarn has many qualities and advantages that makes it popular for knitting.

  1. First of all, mohair keeps you warm as it as great insulation qualities. In fact, the insulation qualities are so outstanding that even thin yarn can give you the same warmth as thicker wool yarns.
  2. This leads us to the second great quality of mohair – it is light and airy. Many knitters love mohair for the ability to knit featherlight, airy scarves and cardigans that feels like a soft, light cloud and still keep you warm.
  3. Mohair is also popular for the beautiful shine, that makes it look so luxurious and almost like silk.
  4. The stunning colors and vast color scales so popular in mohair yarns, are possible because the mohair fiber holds dye very well, and knitters therefore have ample opportunity to create unique and colorful knit designs.
  5. Finally, the fiber structure gives mohair some important hidden advantages. The fiber structure makes mohair strong and resilient so you can knit sweaters that you can love and wear for years. Furthermore, the fibers of mohair don’t felt or wrinkle, so your result will wear well and stay beautiful.

Different types of mohair yarn

At Önling, we supply different types of mohair yarns to customers worldwide. As outlined above, mohair is basically a particular type of wool that has some great innate qualities. These qualities can be combined with the qualities of other fibers and used to create a wide range of yarns for knitting. The most popular and well-known type of mohair yarn is probably silk mohair yarn, which, as the name indicates, consists of the luxurious blend of mohair and silk. Mohair is also often combined with traditional sheep wool, for instance to create more chunky yarn with a wider applicability. An example of this is our Luxury Tweed Mohair Önling No 16 where mohair is combined with lamb wool. See also our full collection of yarn for knitting here.

"Everything is better with mohair"

 At Önling, we absolutely love mohair yarn, because it is one of the softest materials you can get your hands on. The yarn is easy to knit with, and it is a luxury to be able to knit designs in the beautiful colors with a unique shine. We have written a bit about our experience with mohair yarn, which you can read more aboutin our blog post  "Everything is better with mohair" here.