Katrine Hannibal: Önling's knitwear designer

Knitwear designer & co-owner of Önling
Katrine Hannibal

Katrine Hannibal is the creative force behind all of Önling's own knitwear designs and patterns. To date, Katrine has designed just under 200 knitted designs, which have been published either as single patterns or in books. See them all HERE

Katrine is also one of the two founders and owners of the company Önling.

Katrine has a long career behind her from the fashion industry and every day she translates her knowledge and experience from here into Nordic knitwear designs with a classic look and a good fit.

Katrine is passionate about sustainability in her everyday life - both when it comes to design and choice of materials - but also in all the small choices that make up everyday life. She lives in a sustainable housing community, is very keen on recycling and consuming as little as possible, and she eats almost only vegetarian.

Gut feeling mixed with experience
Katrines design proces

Katrine designs are based on both gut feeling and experience. She combines her sense of quality, colors and aesthetics with a trained eye for commercial details and a classic, Nordic look.

Katrine works best in cozy surroundings (like here in her summer house) and when she can put things into structure. She can actually design a completely new design in Excel - but of course everything is tested and knitted to check that all details are as expected and that the look and fit live up to her requirements.

'If I am sitting, I am knitting'

Katrine is almost always seen knitting. When she is on the move (e.g. as a passenger in a car), at meetings and at home. Once she even woke up in th emiddle of the night with an idea for a design that just had to be tested right there and then. So the quote 'If I am sitting, I am knitting' is more or less written with Katrine in mind :o)

Classic design = long lifetime
Katrines design philosophy

Katrine's ultimate design ambition is to create pieces that become eternal members of your wardrobe; favorite designs you want to wear again and again and love just as much every time.

Every time we / you produce a piece of clothing, we burden the climate and the planet, so Katrine at least wants to design things that you will also want to wear in 10 years - and not something you want to throw away. For that reason, Katrine always has an eye for simplicity, the classic, the timeless - but always with a feminine detail, a pretty structure or a color combination / pattern detail that reflects her style.

Katrine has a fondness for douche colors - perhaps because she can wear them herself - but our color range now also includes stronger colours, as some of our customers prefer bright colours. Our color range is not seasonal and does not change as a result of the trend of the time.