Knitting box

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    Our knitting boxes are exciting and full of pampering

    A knitting box is our version of a box full of treats, designed especially for the season. You always get maximum value for your money and save between 25-35% when you buy a box, compared to buying the contents individually. 

    An Önling knitting box consist of delicate yarn qualities, beautiful knitting patterns and cute knitting gadgets. You choose your favourite colours and can mix and match between designs and yarn

    At Önling, we want to help you sit back and be inspired and pampered with a delicious knitting purchase that is easy to decide on and easy to get started with. That is why we prepare special Knitting Boxes 2-4 times a year, full of inspiration, patterns, yarn and extra surprises. Our boxes are always designed especially for the season and you always get minimum 25% discount on the contents.

    A knitting box from Önling is:

    Easy - we decide in advance the content in the form of both designs and yarn kits, which are always in high quality

    Inspiring - you always get brand new recipes with your box - recipes that can not be bought outside the box until 6 months later.

    Flexible - you always have choices in terms of color and yarn type on your yarn as well as several different patterns to suit the yarn

    Exclusive - We only sell our Knitting Boxes in a limited number, and some products will be in a limited edition, and can only be obtained by buying the box.

    Filled with pampering - We wrap your box beautifully and always put some beautiful, knitting-related and hand-picked gifts in, which we hope will enhance your experience of the box.

    Value for money - You always save between 25-35% when you buy a box, compared to buying the contents individually. Our boxes are priced from time to time, and we have an ambition that there is always a basic and a luxury version of each box. 

    More about Önling's knitting universe

    Önling offers a complete knitting universe with knitting designs in classic, Nordic style and sustainable yarn. At Önling, we develop knitting patterns and sell a large selection of knitting kits, both of our own designs and designs from a number of Danish handknit designers. In addition, we sell yarn and we are particularly proud of our line of sustainably produced Önling yarns. Everything we do at Önling is based on strong sustainable values ​​with a focus on sustainable production, natural materials of the best quality and long-life design. Take a look around and get inspired for your next knitting project - have fun!