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Popular designs from PetiteKnit

We are incredibly happy to be able to offer knitting kits for a whole range of the fantastic designs from PetiteKnit! The beautiful designs from PetiteKnit represent a simple, Nordic style that we absolutely love. PetiteKnit is created by Mette Wendelboe Okkels, who is one of the most popular knitwear designers in Denmark and Scandinavia today. In her patterns, Mette focuses on providing simple information that everyone can understand - whether you are a beginner or experienced knitter.

Simple patterns and inspiring designs are characteristic of PetiteKnit. Try e.g. "No Frills" Sweater from PetiteKnit, which - as the title suggests – is very descriptive and clearly and simply explains how to knit a basic sweater.

Scandinavian design for beginners and intermediate knitters

PetiteKnit is the mastermind behind a number of beautiful, Scandinavian designs that contain such beautiful details, that they can form the basis of entire collections. Several popular collections have come out of this - see e.g. the beautiful designs from the Anker series, the Sunday series and the Balloon series.

PetiteKnit offers beautiful patterns with different types of techniques for increases, which are very popular in Denmark and other Nordic countries. At Önling, we have a wide selection of designs from PetiteKnit, which is one of the largest in the Nordic knitting industry. If you want to create a Nordic, classic design, explore our selection of knitting patterns and kits from PetiteKnit.  

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As part of our knitting universe, we have selected different knitting designers, each with their own style and design expression. Get inspiration for the style that you are looking for among the various designers.

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