Petiteknit knitting kits

PetiteKnit knitting kits for all designs

At Önling, we are incredibly happy to be able to offer knitting kits for a whole range of the fantastic designs from PetiteKnit! The beautiful designs from PetiteKnit represent a simple, Nordic style that we absolutely love. PetiteKnit is created by Mette Wendelboe Okkels, who is one of the most popular knitwear designers in Denmark and Scandinavia today.

PetiteKnit is also for beginners - patterns with video instructions 

PetiteKnit's simple designs have without doubt been a contributing factor to the increasing popularity of knitting and inspired a wave of new knitters. It is therefore fantastic that PetiteKnit has developed a whole series of knit designs for beginners which both new and experienced knitters can benefit from. 

 See all our knitting kits for beginner-friendly designs from PetiteKnit here and click your way on to the video instructions for all techniques used in the patterns.

Popular series by PetiteKnit 

PetiteKnit has created several design series and we have put together collections with the most popular ones, to make it easy for you to find new variations of your favorite design. 

See the entire collection of knitting kits for the popular series here: 

Anker series - Balloon series - French Market Bag - Honey series (clutches and purses) - Cumulus series of summer knits - Novice series for beginners - Stockholm seriesSunday series