Cotton yarn

Cotton yarn is a classic!

When knitters talk about yarn and knitting projects, cotton yarn is a classic that must be included! This is because cotton yarn is incredibly versatile, easy to knit with and always popular. At Önling we also enjoy knitting with cotton yarn of all types, and we have therefore put together a collection of carefully selected cotton yarns of high quality, that we sell to knitters worldwide.

Various types of cotton yarn

The most common type of cotton yarn is pure cotton yarn, made of 100% cotton. Cotton originates from the cotton plant, and due to the heavy utilization of pesticides and fertilizers in the traditional cultivation of cotton, Önling always recommends choosing organic cotton. Especially if you are knitting homemade dishcloths to save the environment from micro plastic, it makes perfect sense to choose organic cotton. Our favorite type of organic cotton yarn is Krea DeLuxe Organic Cotton from the Danish yarn manufacturer Krea Deluxe. Their organic cotton yarn is GOTS certified, of high quality and available in a beautiful, soft color scale.

In addition to pure cotton yarn, we also offer a range of mixed cotton yarns, combining the qualities of cotton with other natural materials. Cotton is popular for summer knits, and we therefore have several light summer yarns with cotton. A classic and popular blend is cotton and linen, and here we can highlight Önling No 14, a GOTS certified organic cotton/linen yarn, as well as Önling No 21, which is an OEKO-TEX certified cotton/linen yarn with a beautiful mixed color effect. Finally, we must mention our Everyday Yarn Önling No 12, which is a yarn essential with a wool/cotton blend, that makes it suitable for most knitting projects, particular light sweaters and summer tops.

What to knit with cotton yarn?

Cotton yarn is very versatile and can be used for a wide range of knitting projects. Cotton yarn is popular for baby knits, as it is very durable and therefore machine washable. Furthermore, cotton yarn is popular for summer knits, as it is light, breathable, and moist absorbent. For your inspiration, we have a selection of knitting patterns with cotton yarn here, and a selection of knitting kits with cotton yarn here.

Happy knitting, and good luck with your next knitting project with cotton yarn!