Yarn alternatives for Isager yarn and other yarn brands

As of dec 1st 2022, Önling will no longer sell Isager Yarn. As the collaboration ends, you need to look elsewhere for your Isager yarns, such as Alpaca, Tvinni, Spinni, Hør Organic, Silk Mohair, Jensen yarn etc.

Or how about considering one of Önling's many soft and high quality alternatives to Isager yarn? Önling's yarns are soft, made with respect for the environment from high quality fibres - and they can substitute the Isager yarn suggested in your pattern. If you're having doubts about a yarn alternative you can send us an email on info@oenling.com.

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Yarn alternatives for Isager Yarn

Have a look at Önling's great yarn alternatives to Isager yarns. We offer yarns in the same gauge and high quality as Isager, and many of Önling's yarns are even sustainably produced.

You can find many yarns as soft and durable as Isager's iconic yarns. Önling yarn kits contain the right amount of yarn and a knitting pattern for your next project. All you have to do is to choose your color and size.

by Katrine Hannibal
Önling designs

Many of Katrine Hannibal's classic designs are originally designed for Isager Yarns.

You can knit all the models in Önling's own yarns. You'll find the kits below. If you have Katrine's books Favorite Knits 1-4 you'll be able to find yarn alternatives for the patterns here. If you're mising just that one, favorite model let us know on info@oenling.com and we'll suggest a yarn alternative for your project.

Knitting kits for Önling models designed in Isager Yarn