Kits from Hanne Falkenberg - in No 21 cotton/linen

Kits for Hanne Falkenberg's design in linen and cotton

Hanne Falkenberg has designed many lovely summery designs in her well-known and beloved 'Sofistica yarn, which is a wonderful blend of 60% cotton and 40% linen.

Önling has adopted this yarn in our collection, and we have chosen to call it Önling No 21. But the yarn is the same that Hanne Falkenberg has always sold. The yarn is soft, light and breathable and the result is light and summery.

Summer classics in linen and cotton

Hanne Falkenberg's Sofistica comes in many beautiful colors and it is both OEKO-TEX certified, 100% colorfast and machine washable. Linen and cotton are also known for their temperature-regulating properties, which makes this the yarn a perfect, breathable summer yarn - perfect for knitting your next summer classic.

The yarn is often used as an alternative to wool by those who find wool itchy or find that wool is simply too hot for them.

Please be be aware that this yarn can twist if you knit stockinette with the yarn alone. We therefore recommend that you add another strand of yarn or a companion thread for a better result.