Baby knit - everything for your next baby knitting project ❤️

For baby only the softest is good enough ✨

Find everything you need for creating soft and lovely hand knitting for your baby. Önling has it all; knitting patterns, knitting kits, soft, organic yarns and much more
Yarn and kits from Önling are
Soft and sustainable

Knitting for your baby is a bit like making homemade food for your baby. You know you get a completely clean product, only filled with love and good intentions. You know the ingredients and know that no hazardous chemicals or additives are included.

This is also the case with Önling's yarns, which are produced at a family-run yarn spinning mill in Italy
according to organic and sustainable standards.

Our yarn is carded with air using a special technique, that makes the yarn light, airy and absolutely itch-free 💖

Where to start...
Babyknitting for beginners

If you are new to knitting, baby knitting is an obvious and popular place to start.

Projects are small and therefore typically quicker to knit. Also it is no less than wonderfully rewarding to knit love into every stitch of the project.

We have selected a number of easy projects for babies that are achievable for beginners.

Cute and adorable patterns

See our selection of knitting patterns for baby and children from popular Danish knitting designers such as PetiteKnit and Anne Ventzel. Here you will find a large number of single patterns, if you already have the perfect yarn at hand.

Learn more about knitting for babies in our online magazine

If you would like to learn more about our yarns, find out how to match yarns and designs - and find inspiration for knitting projects for babies and children, you are welcome to take a look at our online magazine.

Read the magazine here

Recommended yarns for baby knits

Önling No 15, sustainably produced merino wool

A super soft and completely itch-free yarn made of pure merino wool. This yarn is machine washable, if you have a good wool wash programme, which makes it perfect for baby knits. This yarn is durable and slightly elastic in use.

See Önling No 15
Önling No 11, merino wool and cashmere

Our super soft Önling No 11 is a soft luxury for newborns. The yarn is suitable for needles US size 3-4, and therefore matches many of the popular baby knitting patterns.

See Önling No 11
Önling No 2, 100% merino wool

Önling No 2 is also an extremely soft and delicate wool yarn, that goes very well with knitting for babies. No 2 was one of our first yarns, and still a bestseller. A good choice for knitting warn baby blankets, sweaters and cardigans.

See Önling No 2

Inspiration for your next baby knitting project

Knitting for babies and kids is a special joy for many knitters, and many even start knitting because the opportunity for knitting baby clothes arise. We truly understand that feeling! Baby knits are that special kind of knitting projects that brings so much joy both when knitting them, giving them as presents and seeing them is use.

At Önling we want to help knitters worldwide find the best knitting patterns for babies as well as the softest yarn, to make it easier to get started on your next knitting project. We have therefore put together this page, where you can get an overview of everything you need, no matter whether you are looking for knitting patterns, yarn, knitting kits – or just inspiration and ideas for your next baby knit!

Finding yarn for your baby knits

One thing is certain, for baby knitting only the best and softest yarn is good enough. The yarn should not only the perfect match for the elected project, it also must be soft, breathable and help the tiny body regulate temperature. We therefore recommend merino wool yarn for baby knit, as this is the softest type of wool. This could for instance be Önling No 11 made of merino wool and cashmere, and a thin yarn suitable for many baby knitting projects. 

If you are not sure what type of yarn to get for your next project, you can take a look at our knitting kits for babies, where you get a knitting pattern with carefully selected, matching yarn. At Önling we specialize in knitting kits, to help you get the right type and amount of yarn for your knitting project, no matter whether you are an expert in knitting or totally new to the knitting world. The yarn for all our knitting kits is selected by our knitting experts, but you have total freedom to select color or color combination – this service is of course also available when you are knitting for babies!