Other Loops - kits with yarn and pattern

Other Loops - a successful Danish design story

Behind the brand Other Loops is the woman called Maja Kløvdal, who has designed many popular knitting designs in a classic, Nordic style.

Maja originally trained as a fashion designer from Design School Kolding, and has since worked as an active designer for several well-known Danish fashion brands. Other Loops was created so that Maja could live out her dream of making more slow fashion and to create and develop the actual craft.

At Önling you can buy both single patterns and yarn kits for the vast majority of Other Loops' designs. The yarn sold in our knitting kits is always carefully selected so that it matches the gauge of the designer's original design and pattern.

On this page you can find all our knitting kits in Önling's yarns for Other Loops Nordic designs. See also knitting patterns by Other Loops here

Nordic and minimalist aesthetics

Maja Kløvdal's style can be described as aesthetic and minimalistic - with a sense for the understated details. She designs in a classics style but add modern details, which gives the finished look a longer life.

Other Loops often uses details like cables and twists to bring life to her designs, but always in a tight and controlled way. Add to that a wide sleeve, an interesting raglan or an exciting shoulder construction - and voila, you have a modern knitting design from Other Loops.

Popular designs from Other Loops

Other Loops is probably best known for its beautiful sweaters, which often have a slightly oversized silhouette and wide ribbed edges to give them a trendy look. Here at Önling, she has had the most success with Twist Loop sweater with the elegant twist details, the Waffle Loop sweater with the beautiful waffle structure pattern and, not least, the Structure Loop sweater with exciting structure stripes.

Maja Kløvdal has designed several of her sweaters in Önling's yarns as original yarns, and we notice in this connection that she has a good eye for exciting ways to combine yarns as well as a well-developed sense of quality. The Reverse Loop sweater is a good example of this, and here Maja Kløvdal has chosen, somewhat unconventionally, to put a linen/cotton yarn together with a merino wool, as well as to turn parts of the sweater inside out to achieve an exciting (and again understated) effect.

Likewise with the Twist Loop Collar, which is a very popular collar / vest. This one was originally designed in our luxurious No 5 yarn, which is a wonderful mix of silk, cashmere, alpaca and wool.