Cashmere Yarn

Our cashmere yarns 

Cashmere is a popular and luxurious material for knitting yarns, and we are happy to present a collection of knitting yarns made with various combinations of cashmere and other luxurious natural fibers. See for instance our super soft Önling No 11 sustainable merino/cashmere yarn, or our Önling No 13 accompanying thread with cashmere, that can add softness to any yarn or knitting project. 

What is Cashmere made of?

Cashmere is a luxury fiber, originating from the cashmere goat, so we could call it the “wool” of the cashmere goat. Cashmere is therefore made of 100% natural and renewable fibers, from the cashmere goats. Cashmere goats live in mountainous regions and originates from the mountains of the Kashmir region. Cashmere is popular for its softness, lightness, comfort, and heat-regulating qualities. Production of cashmere fibers mainly takes place in China and Mongolia, but cashmere can also come from other countries such as Australia and Iran.

Why cashmere yarn is so gorgeous and luxurious

Cashmere goats live in areas where the temperature can fluctuate up to 40 degrees within the same day, so their wool fibers must be able to regulate temperature accordingly. Cashmere therefore has outstanding heat-regulating qualities. Using cashmere fibers for cashmere yarn and knitting projects has many advantages. Cashmere is a beautiful and delicate material, it is dirt-repelling and very good at keeping you warm and comfy. And then it even crumples less and is more elastic that synthetic materials. Furthermore, cashmere is machine washable at a gentle wool program – however, it is important to use wool detergent and to know you washing machine well. We always recommend washing a small test piece, before you wash your favorite sweater.

At Önling we sell a wide selection of cashmere yarn and other types of wool yarn to customers worldwide. We have our own series of Önling yarn, including many with cashmere, and we also offer yarn from other Danish yarn producers.

How to use cashmere yarn?

Cashmere yarn can be used to knit anything you want, whether that is a sweater, a pair of mittens or something else. As cashmere is a pure, natural fiber, it will unavoidably peel in use, and you often get the best result by combining cashmere with other types of wool for your knitting project. As cashmere is furthermore an expensive fiber, we have created a range of luxurious yarns that combine the qualities of cashmere with other great natural materials such as merino wool and silk.

If you are interested in seeing more about how to use cashmere yarn, you have come to the right place. At our web shop you can find a wide range of knitting patterns for cashmere yarn, as well as knitting kits with cashmere yarn included, where we have made sure to take full advantage of the luxurious cashmere yarn.

Inspiration for knitting with cashmere yarn

You can knit so many things with cashmere yarn. If you want to knit a luxurious and warm sweater that is something out of the ordinary, we will here give you specific examples and inspiration for knitting patterns with cashmere yarn. Find inspiration among these popular knitting patterns with cashmere yarn: