Meet Önling

At Önling we are a dedicated team of women with very different backgrounds. However, we have at least one thing in common; we all have a passion for slow fashion and a more sustainable world.

Lotte Ronan

Lotte manages the operations of the office and with a hard, but loving hand, she makes sure that all ends meet. Her entrepreneurial background and long experience from digital marketing agencies, makes her the uncrowned world champion in online platforms and digital presence. She is also a hardcore Excel wiz, project manager and communicator.

Founder & Creative Director
Katrine Hannibal

Katrine represents the most creative brain in the office and she is constantly thinking outside the box. She is the creator of all Önling's designs and has a long established background from the fashion industry. Katrine is a passionate knitter and has a never-ending amount of love for yarn and sustainable living. Katrines motto: "If I am sitting, I am knitting...."

E-Commerce Manager & Webmaster
Tennae Rix Kristensen

Tennae is our IT wiz kid. In a cool, calm and collected manner, she manages and updates the back-end systems on all our digital platforms. She is the go-to person, when the rest of us give up on a tech problem. Tennae is furthermore a number cruncher and loves digging into sales analyses, SEO optimization and conversion numbers.

Retail & Customer Service Coordinator
Bettina Birch

Bettina is a leading light, and one of the first people you encounter when you approach Önling. Whenever you call or write us, it is Bettina's smiling voice you meet and it is also Bettina (or Anna), who gently packs and ships your order. Bettina is a key employee, and with her structured hand and mind, she is also responsible for keeping both our showroom and store room tidy and up-to-date.

Retail & Customer Service Coordinator
Anna Rose Kristensen

When you contact Önling, it is inevitable that you encounter Anna, as she seems to be everywhere and anywhere. She is the gentle rose of the office, but just as gentle and sweet she is at servicing you by phone or mail, just as efficient she is at packing and shipping your order.

Anna handles inquiries from both our Danish and international webshop, and she juggles euros and dollars just as well as Danish kroner.

With a structured hand, Anna is also responsible for keeping our warehouse and showroom tidy and presentable.

Inge-Lis Holst

Amazing Inge-Lis brings good mood and smiles to the office's every day. Inge-Lis is at the other end of our knitting support, so when you contact, she is the person who gives you competent help and advice.

Inge-Lis can 'dry knit' almost anything, and therefore she is our go-to person when a pattern or knitting technique causes trouble.

As a former Danish teacher, she can - in addition to spotting errors in our calculations - also proofread our patterns.

Social media manager
Jane Retz Jespersen

Jane is our social bird, and as such, she makes sure to feed all our social channels with constant content. Jane is always seen with a camera in hand, so she can document our work process, make stories for Insta and take beautiful pictures of our latest products. As a knitter, Jane has her finger on the pulse and can style the most beautiful knitting images and outfits.

Jane is also a skilled layouter, so when she's not busy taking pictures, she is putting the finishing touch on our knitting patterns.

Yarn Relations Manager
Nina Larsson

Nina is our Yarn relations manager and she uses her vast network and her huge knowledge of who is who in the knitting world, to create relationships on Önling's behalf. Nina is a social media whiz kid and a giant yarn nerd, and that is an awesome combination! As a former self-employed, Nina always knows where to focus first, in order to put out the smoldering fire...

It will usually be Nina's competent voice you get on the phone if you call us, and then you can be absolutely sure to get the best help possible. You can also meet Nina if you participate in one of Önling's courses, Liveshopper events etc.