Créadia Studio - kits with yarn and pattern

Timeless Elegance with  CRÉADIA STUDIO Knitwear

Welcome to the world of CRÉADIA STUDIO, where Danish knitwear artistry meets contemporary fashion trends. Behind the brand is Nabita Jouret, who finds quirky inspiration from her every day and works it into her knitwear designs.

The devil is always in the detail when Nabita designs and it is those details alongside a great sense of craftsmanship, that will make her designs stand as a testament to the timeless allure of knitwear.

Popular designs from CRÉADIA STUDIO

At Önling you can find both the single patterns and/or entire knitting kits for CRÉADIA STUDIO’s designs. Explore our curated selection of the most coveted designs from this talented designer below:

Mey Camisole and Pi Camisole are both great examples of Nabitas sense of contemporary trends. These tops are both delicate and feminine and their minimalist design celebrates the art of simplicity while offering a luxurious and comfortable fit: Explore Pi camisole and Mey Camisole

Sharpei Sweater is another good example of where comfort meets fashion. This sweater was one of the first designs from CRÉADIA STUDIO and it showcases her skill in creating designs that seamlessly blend functionality and eleganc The soft and expressive sweater is slightly cropped and made up by horizontally knitted pleats.

Ahsoka slipover is an interesting and ingenious design and a good example of Nabitas versatility when it comes to design. The slipover a both cozy wrap and a chic slipover at the same time. The crossing front pieces is a fun and innovative detail and gives Ahsoka slipover a sophisticated look

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of CRÉADIA STUDIO and adorn yourself with designs that embody Danish knitwear at its finest. Each creation tells a story of craftsmanship, passion, and an unwavering commitment to redefining fashion through yarn.