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Most knitters have a favourite knnitting needle - which is yours?

Needle size and knitting gauge

Every knitter knits differently. Two knitters can easily get different gauge whilst using the same yarn and needle size.

Remember, that needle size in a pattern is a recommendation not a rule. Always make a swtach to make sure your gauge fits the recommended needle size.

Why should you look for knitting projects by needle size?

It's ofter easier to remeber over gauge, when you buy yarn. Which needle size do you like best? If you know, you can more easily pick a knitting projct, that will hgive you a nice knitting experience.

If you just love knitting on needles US size 6 (metric 4 mm), then click on the category above to see all knitting projects on size needles.

In general, we call needles size 1-3 (metric 2-3 mm) thin knittinng needles and 8-10 (metic 4-6 mm) is medium size. Needles from size 10.5 and up (metric +7 mm) is often referred to as 'knitting onn large needles'.

Yarn and needle size

Önling has our own yarns, which are spun on mills in Italy and Scotland.

Our yarns have numbers - e.g. Önling No 1 - instead of names. Most Önling yarns can be knitted on needle size 3-6 (metric 3-4 mm)

The table shows recommended needle size for all Önling yarns. Always remeber to check the gauge as well, if you have specific knitting pattern in mind.

Önling yarns are soft and made from natural fibres. Most yarns can be knitted both loosely and tightly (ie. on smaller or bigger needles) resulting in a dense or a loose fabric. The reason is, that Önling yarns are very airy and will give you a soft and light sweater.

The best knitting needles

Knitting needles are all very different from each other. Both material and shape makes a difference to the way you knit.

We like pointy needles with a smooth transition from cable to needle. That's why we knit on Hiya Hiya metal needles that come in size 1-13 (metric 2-9 mm) lenght 40/60/80/100 cm.

Knitters used to knit on the single-ended jumper needles, but today most knitters use circular needles.

swatching and correcting your gauge if you have too many or too few stitches on your swatch
Swatching & gauge

Learn all about knitting swatches and how to measure - and correct - your knitting gauge.

Tips & tricks for swatching
Knitting kits for beginners

Our knitting kits and beginner boxes contain the correct yarn, in the right quantities. You don't have to worry about finding yarn in the right thickness. See our suggestions for great beginner kits here.

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More than just yarn...

Önling values natural materials and quality very much. You should alwyas be able to enjoy your knitting without having to worry about how your yarn was made or what it contains.

We have a working rule, that only 20% of our garments are used 0% of the time. That's your fevorite clothe, right? We think everyone should knit some part of the 20% by the best materials available.

Önling is the phonetic way of spelling FAVORIT in Danish - hence the name 💕

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