Hats and mittens knitting patterns

Knitting patterns for hats and mittens and other winter accessories

Knitted hats and mittens are a favorite winter accessory, and knitted hats are a good project for new knitters. Above is a collection of knitting patterns for hats and mittens, including Nordic multicolor patterns, lace patterns and stripes.  

Knitted hats and mittens 

Knitting patterns for hats and mittens are a classic and popular discipline within Nordic knitting patterns. Knitted hats are a good place to practice techniques, and because hats and mittens are small projects, playing with multicolor patterns or learning new techniques become a manageable project. 

Inspiration for our Nordic knitting patterns

Nordic knitting patterns for hats and mittens often include a multicolor pattern, this can be with the traditional Nordic stars, like our version of Nordic hat with stars and Nordic mittens with stars. As an introduction to this type of knitting, you can see our blog post “Fair Isle knitting – knitting with multiple colors”. But Nordic knit design is more than that. At Önling we are often inspired by the unique Nordic style of minimalistic, simple natural design, that goes beyond knitting and is also seen in interior decoration, fashion and food. We therefore also have knitting patterns for hats and mittens with a simpler design.

More knitting patterns from Önling

All knitting patterns from Önling are inspired by the abovementioned Nordic design tradition, and if you like what you see here, we have many more knitting patterns that you might like. See for instance our knitting patterns for sweaters, which include a series of Icelandic knitting patterns with the traditional Nordic multicolor patterns. We can also recommend our knitting patterns for scarves and shawls, if you are looking for more winter accessories to go with your hats and mittens. Or see all knitting patterns here if you are ready to be inspired and thrown into new projects you might not have planned yet.

Pre-packed knitting kits and Önling yarn

At Önling we strive to design clothes that will be your favorite for many years to come. Even with the best knitting pattern in the world, that will not be possible without matching yarn of high quality. We have therefore developed a series of Önling yarn made of high-quality natural materials, that forms the basis for our knitting patterns. And all knitting patterns from Önling are available as knitting kits with pattern and matching yarn, so you can get started with your knitting project right away, without searching for suitable yarn or worrying about having enough yarn to finish both sleeves of your sweater. All knitting kits are available in many colors, so you still have a chance to personalize your project. See for instance our knitting kits for hats and mittens where you will find knitting kits for all the knitting patterns in this collection, as well as more designs from other talented Nordic knit designers.