gauge measurement and knitting projects by gauge

Find your next knitting project by knitting gauge

Which gauge fits you best?

Most knitters have a favorite gauge and needle size, where knitting is just fun and flows freely.

If you are unsure, which gauge you like take a look a look at the last 2-3 projects you really enjoyed. Which gauge did the patterns call for?

If a pattern says e.g. 21 sts x 30 rows = 4" x 4" (1 0x 10 cm) it means you had 21 sts pr. 10 cm of knitting.

Find knitting project by gauge

Get inspiration for your next knitting project that mets your favorite gauge below.

You can also look for projects by needle size.

knitting technique
Knitting gauge

Learn everything about knitting swatches, how to measure gauge and correct it if you have too many or too few stitches on your knitting swatch.

Find the best yarn for your gauge

Önling yarns are spun by our collaboration partners in Italy and Scotland. We value sustaiable production, animal welfare and high quality yarns.

Most Önling yarns are very soft with an airy feel to them and can be knitted both tightly or more loose without loosing shape. Hence the gauge is an interval, e.g. 17-21 sts pr. 10 cm for Önling No 1.

Gauge and yarn weight for Önling yarns (US)

US yarn weight gauge önling yarns

Gauge and yarn weight for Önling yarns (metric)

gauge önling yarns

Inspiration for your knitting

yellow handknitted chunky t-shirt knitted on big needles
Chunky knits

Chunky knits have a gauge around 8-10 sts pr. 10 cm/4", which means each stitch is big because there are only 8-10 of them on 10 cm.

Take a look at the Chunky t-shirt designed by Önling's designer Katrine Hannibal or some of the projects designed by Danish PetiteKnit

Chunky knitting projects
beginner knitting projects at gauge 18-20 sts from Önling
A nice gauge for beginners

If you're are new knitter you should definitely go for a project you'll love! Forget about ueneven scarves and go straight for one of the many patterns writtern for new knitters.

That means patterns with no funky knitting expressions. Instead you get easy-to-follow instructions and a good result.

Beginner knitting projects
Best knitting needles hiya hiya on a pile of green and blue knitted sweaters with brass coloured knitting scissors
The best knitting needles

Every knitters has their favorite knitting tools. We like Hiya Hiya's circular needles with a good pointy tip, a smooth connection between cable and needle and a good cable for Magic Loop.

Hiya Hiya needles is available in size 2 mm (US size 0 )to 9 mm (US size 3) in lenght 40 cm (16"), 60 cm (24"), 80 cm (32") og 100 cm (40").

Hiya Hiya knitting needles