For baby only the softest is good enough ✨

Find everything you need for creating soft and lovely hand knitting for your baby. Önling has it all; knitting patterns, knitting kits, soft, organic yarns and much more
Yarn and kits from Önling are
Soft and sustainable

Knitting for your baby is a bit like making homemade food for your baby. You know you get a completely clean product, only filled with love and good intentions. You know the ingredients and know that no hazardous chemicals or additives are included.

This is also the case with Önling's yarns, which are produced at a family-run yarn spinning mill in Italy
according to organic and sustainable standards.

Our yarn is carded with air using a special technique, that makes the yarn light, airy and absolutely itch-free 💖

Where to start...
Babyknitting for beginners

If you are new to knitting, baby knitting is an obvious and popular place to start.

Projects are small and therefore typically quicker to knit. Also it is no less than wonderfully rewarding to knit love into every stitch of the project.

We have selected a number of easy projects for babies that are achievable for beginners.

Cute and adorable patterns

See our selection of knitting patterns for baby and children from popular Danish knitting designers such as PetiteKnit and Anne Ventzel. Here you will find a large number of single patterns, if you already have the perfect yarn at hand.