Kits with linen yarn

Linen is a light alternative for wool

Here we have gathered all our knitting kits, which include linen. Linen is a good yarn alternative for those allergic to wool, and is also a wonderful summer yarn, as it is breathable and has a cooling effect. If wool is too warm for you, both linen and cotton are great alternatives for your knitted sweaters and blouses.

Linen combined with other yarn types

Linen can also be combined with other types of yarns, to soften it up a little and give it more life and fluffiness. Linen with silk mohair, for example, is a very nice combination - as examples of this, we have both our Monaco vest and Valencia t-shirt. Both of which are knitted in one thread linen and one thread silk mohair. 

We also have examples where linen yarn is combined with Alpaca 1 or Alpaca 2 from Isager, with a rustic, yet soft, result. In this combination, we have the Nice t-shirt by the popular Danish designer Anne Ventzel as well as the Cannes cardigan in linen and Alpaca 1.

Linen yarn from Önling

For a lovely linen quality, we can suggest Önling's own yarn, Önling No 21, where the linen is mixed with cotton for a soft stand-alone quality, great for summer knitting, purses, bags etc. Önling No 21 made from 60% cotton and 40% linen. The yarn is OEKO-TEX certified, is 100% colorfast and can be machine washed.

Linen yarn from Isager

Isager has introduced a 100% organic linen quality in their range, and you can buy this yarn at Önling. The yarn is called Hør Organic and there is a colour range of 6 colours which blends perfectly into the existing colors and shades from Isager yarns. The yarn consists of 100% organic fibres but the dyes are non organic – with the exception of the undyed colour Linen, of course. This yarn is a good alternative for people with wool allergies.