Knitting patterns at Önling

Welcome to our collection of knitting patterns, featuring knitting patterns for sweaters, cardigans, shawls, summer tops etc. If you are looking for inspiration for your next knitting pattern, browse through the inspiring collection above – or use the filters, if you know what you are looking for.

If you are looking for matching yarn to your knitting pattern, we can recommend taking a look at our knitting kits as well.

At Önling we are inspired by the Nordic design tradition with its minimalistic, simple and natural design style. This means that we design Nordic knitting patterns, and produce our own sustainable yarns. All Önling knitting patterns are designed by Katrine Hannibal, and available as knitting patterns or as part of a knitting kit with matching yarn.

A knitting pattern for every occassion

Önling focuses on knitting patterns for women, but we also have a love for baby knit. We emphasize a timeless design that is wearable and will last from one season to the next. We have a broad collection of knitting patterns for sweaters, including Icelandic sweaters, Nordic sweaters and light sweaters. Similarly we have numerous knitting patterns for cardigans, featuring both short cardigans and long cardigans, light, elegant cardigans and cozy cardigans. Recently we have developed a strong focus on knitting patterns for summer knits such as summer tops and t-shirts, knit in either our silk kit or our everyday wool/cotton yarn. We also have to mention, and highly recommend, our knitting patterns for shawls, featuring patterns for knitted silk mohair shawls and shawls with hand-dyed yarn. And, coming from a Nordic climate, we know the importance of knitting patterns for hats, mittens and other warm winter accessories. 

Find the perfect yarn

Even the best knitting pattern will not help you create your favorite sweater, without the perfect yarn. We always recommend buying high quality, sustainable yarn for your knitting project - when you spend so much time knitting a new garment, the result should be something you can use and love for a long time, and that requires high quality yarn made from natural materials. This is why we have created our own series of Önling yarn, to match our knitting patterns. In addition to this we also offer yarn from suppliers who match our values and quality, e.g. yarn from the Danish yarn brand Isager. See the whole range of yarn here. You can of course also let us do the job of finding the perfect yarn to your knitting pattern, and buy a knitting kit with mathcing yarn. Then you are sure to get the right yardage and amount of yarn, and with our knitting kits you still have ample opportunity to choose your color. 

Looking for inspiration?

If you are not yet sure what you want to knit next, you could take a look at our knitting patterns for Silk Mohair yarn. Silk Mohair is absolutely one of our favorite types of yarn and very popular these days.