Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Shipping policy

We ship worlwide. For a list of countries click here.

We typically ship our orders within 2-3 days. During busy time periods, such as collection launches and seasonal sales execution of orders can take a bit longer. The time it takes for your order to arrive will depend on the carrier service available to your country and your choice of shipping method. Country specific details, options and delivery times are listed at checkout when you choose shipping method.

VAT and sales taxes

VAT - if you are shopping from a country in the EU:
If you are shopping from another country within the EU, we are required to charge your local VAT rate in your market. Please note that the initial price you see is WITHOUT your local VAT - but once you proceed to checkout and tell us where you want the goods sent to, we add your local VAT to the price.  This way you will not be met with any additional duties or VAT charges, once your order arrives. It is a prerequisite that your order is shipped to a country within the EU.  

VAT - if you are shopping from a country outside the EU: 
If you are shopping from a country outside the EU, we are showing you prices in either dollars or your local currency EXCLUDING VAT. This means that the price shown to you, is approximately 10-15% cheaper than prices shown in euros to customers within the EU (depending on currency fluctuations). This is to account for the fact that you might be required to pay your local VAT and duties once your order arrives in customs.  

Yes, sales tax is always included in the price we show you on our web shop.

Returns and exchanges

If you regret your purchase from Önling, you have the right to withdraw from your order within 14 days from the day you received your goods.

You can find our full return policy here, and the return form you have to use if you wish to return a product.

Find my knitting pattern

At Önling we deliver most of our knitting patterns online, read more about it here. This doesn’t include patterns from Isager and  PetiteKnit, which we’re only allowed to sell as printed patterns.

When you’ve made a purchase and want to find your knitting pattern you have two options: 1) After the purchase we send you mails with a link to your pattern. There’s a link in your order confirmation and a separate e-mail, which only contains information about downloading your pattern. 2) You can log-in to your profile here on the site and find all the patterns you’ve bought. You’re still able to create a profile, even if you didn’t have a profile at the time of purchase, just be sure to use the same e-mail you used for your purchase.

If you haven’t received a link to your pattern you can always find your patterns by creating or logging into your profile. Just be sure to use the same e-mail as the one used for your purchase.

Help with a knitting project

At Önling we offer help and guidance if you experience problems with knitting one of our knitting patterns. Proceed to the formula for knitting support here.

In Önling's knitting community on Facebook you’ll be able to ask for guidance, advice and inspiration from other knitters, and also share pictures of your knitting process and finished work. Find our community here.

Showroom in Søborg

Önling's office and headquarters are located in Søborg, where we also have a showroom and events.

In Önlings showroom you can buy yarn, knitting books, knitting accessories and many of our other products - you’ll also be able to pick up your packages you have ordered online.