Patterns by material

The different natural materials such as cotton, wool and alpaca, each have their own great qualities and perhaps you have a favourite material?

Click to view knitting patterns specific to the material of your choice - or read more about knitting and material choice further down the page.

 Knitting patterns by material

When you're talking materials for a new project, its important to select the right materials - the materials has an impact on the knitting process and the final result. In other words; the material plays a big part, in whether or not you finish the design you're dreaming about.

That's why we at Önling have seperated our knitting patterns by material, so you easily get an overview of which material we recommend for a specific knitting pattern. We've thoroughly chosen every material so they fit the specific pattern. If you for example love Silk Mohair like many others, you can easily narrow your search to that specific type of yarn.

When you're looking for patterns for a knitting project, it can be difficult to figure out which material matches a knitting pattern. It can be a brave new world to enter, especially as a novice. That's why we at Önling want to make your choice of material easier.

Quality yarn - no matter where you look

Every knitting project of course needs yarn, and here at Önling we also have a large selection of quality yarn in natural materials. We're at the belief, that you'll be happiest with your design, when it's knitted in quality materials. Therefore we've carefully chosen each yarn, so they live up to our requirements of sustainability, durability and quality.

Knitting kits with everything you need.

At Önling we've collected knitting patterns and yarn in a knitting kit, to make it easy for you to recieve everything, in order to begin your next knitting project. Our experts have made sure to choose the finest materials for each knitting pattern.

If you're in doubt about which material that fits best to a specific knitting pattern  - please contact us. We'd love to help you in choosing the right material.

You can also find advice, inspiration and guidance in our Facebook community. Here you'll find knitting projects from Önling and many other knitting enthusiasts to share your passion for knitting.