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Yarn materials 

Behind Önling you will find a team of passionated knitters and therefore we know how important the yarn is for the final result and the general comfort. The yarn plays a huge role in creating a design, which is why we provide a wide selection - so you can easily find the perfect yarn for your project.

Common to all the yarns we offer is that they live up to our high quality requirements. We only offer soft yarns of the highest quality. We only want to offer yarn types that are comfortable to wear - so you can enjoy the design you knit.

Quality yarns for any project

We hope that you can find your new favorite yarn here with Önling. That is why we have tried to make it easier for you by showing our yarns by material. Then you can easily click on the different yarns and take a closer look at the different types.

At Önling you will find yarns in the following materials:

Regardless of the material you prefer to work with, you can be sure that our yarn live up to your expectations of durability and quality. On each page you have the opportunity to find links to knitting patterns and knitting kits with the individual type of yarn.

Find inspiration at Önling

If you are in doubt about what type of yarn would be best for your project, feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide inspiration and share our thoughts on how we would choose between the many lovely yarn types.

If you lack inspiration, you can find it at Önling. If you already have yarns that you would like to use, you can find inspiration on what to use it for in our section on knitting patterns for various materials here.

If you want to find our recommendations for combining knitting patterns and yarns, you will find our wide selection of knitting kits here. Here you can easily order designs in your desired colors, and then you receive the knitting kit, so it's ready to go.

If you would rather buy your yarn sorted by brand, you can click here.