Patterns for beginners

Knitting patterns for beginners

Önling has a large selection of knitting patterns for beginners, with patterns aimed for the new knitter. Amongst others, we have developed our own beginner-friendly knitting collection called ‘Easy Peasy’. All patterns are written in a beginner-friendly language without abbreviations and with videos support for all techniques, so you can always find help. These easy knitting patterns are perfect for your basic wardrobe, and you can without a doubt find your new favorite sweater. 

Easy knitting patterns - start with a dishcloth ...

In addition to our beginner knitting patterns for clothing such as sweaters, jumpers, vests, baby knits, etc., we have also made some super simple and classic patterns for dishcloths, which are easy to knit. Dishcloths are a good starting project if you have never knitted before, as they are good to practice on, and can be used and bring joy even if the result is a little off. If you knit your dishcloths in organic cotton, you also take good care of the environment as you get better, as knitted cloths can replace many disposable cloths with microplastic. We always recommend Krea Deluxe Organic Cotton for dishcloths, it is high quality and available in a number of beautiful colors.

... And next step is a sweater!

Once you have knitted a few cloths, and have worked up the courage for a larger project, you can find beginner-friendly patterns for a sweater or a slipover vest. On the page above, you can choose to see knitting patterns by category, and you can, for example, choose to see easy knitting patterns for sweaters. Here you will find the easiest of them all 'Easy Peasy Basic sweater' or our Easy Peasy Raglan Sweater, which is written for beginners so you can learn the basics of making a handknitted sweater. The pattern contains references to help videos that show you each techniques as you need them. We can also recommend reading our blog post about a "Good Beginner Knitting Projects - the guide" if you want tips for choosing the right knitting project or the blog 'How to knit a sweater - 7 tips when you want to knit your first sweater ever

Beginner knitting patterns from other designers 

In addition to our own series for beginners, we also offer both knitting patterns and knitting kits from other designers. Among these, you'll find PetiteKnit, who is behind several beginner-friendly knitting patterns, including Novice sweater and the Oslo hat. PetiteKnit is known for her easy and simple knitting patterns for new knitters, and she has teamed up with Kimmie Munkholm who provides expert guidance with Youtube videos to show all the knitting techniques that she uses. In addition, we have trendy patterns from Spektakelstrik, which also makes some beautiful designs. Here, the popular Saga Vest can really be recommended, as it caters to the beginner and Spektakelstrik has posted videos on YouTube that help you all the way. 

We help finding the right yarn 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get off to a good start with your first knitting project, and therefore we have made knitting kits for beginners for all the patterns above. A knitting kit contains a knitting pattern and lovely yarn that fits the pattern, in the right amount and just the color you choose. With a knitting kit, you do not have to worry about yardage or finding yarn that fits the pattern - we have done all that for you. All you have to do is choose the color(s) yourself, and then both pattern and yarn will be delivered to your door step.

Learn to knit with Önling 

At Önling, we want to help all new knitters off to a good start as they enter the cozy world of knitting and DIY. We have collected a lot of tips, guides and inspiration for beginners on the page "Learn how to knit" here. Here you can find good advice on what to consider as a new knitter, find video guides that show you the most important techniques, find suggestions for good knitting kits for beginners and much more.

Also, we offer online support for you. You can join our online knitting community on Facebook, where you can get help from thousands of knitters, who are eager to help you get through your initial - and very usual - beginners trouble. You can also contact Önling for support on our own designs and patterns. Write your question on - but please make sure to read the instructions for getting support here before sending us your question. 

More knitting inspiration from Önling 

Our unique knitting universe is created by women who love to knit and create. We want everyone to be able to participate, which is why we make knitting patterns for all levels, videos to guide you through the various techniques, and we have an always helpful support and a community on Facebook where you can find help and inspiration. You can follow on our Instagram and Facebook, or sign up for our newsletter.