My Favourite Things Knitwear - kits with yarn (no pattern included)

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Yarn kits for designs from My Favourite Things Knitwear

We are pleased to present a selection of curated yarn kits for the designs from the extraordinary talented Danish knitwear designer 'My Favourite Things Knitwear.' We have followed Louise's path as a knitwear designer and we are impressed by her classic design style and her take on fine, understated details that help create timeless, high-quality wardrobe favorites.

Carefully selected yarn in the right quantities and gauge

When you buy a yarn kit for a design from My Favourite Things Knitwear, all you need to do is choose the size and color of your yarn. We have tailored the yarn kits to contain the absolute best yarn for the design in question - yarn that matches the original design in quality, gauge and quantity. That means that when you choose the size you want to knit, we make sure you get the right amount of yarn.

The knitting pattern is NOT included in a yarn kit - you have to purchase it yourself from My Favourite Things Knitwear.

An absolute favorite from My Favorite Things Knitwear

On this page you can find a selection of knitting kits for designs from popular 'My Favourite Things Knitwear', not least the beautiful Cardigan No 8, which we have knitted in a lovely rustic combination of lambswool and merino wool and cashmere.