Icelandic sweaters from Önling

Knitting patterns and yarn for Icelandic sweaters 

At Önling, we are inspired by the beautiful, traditional Icelandic patterns for our hand knitting, and we have many knitting designs that fall under the Icelandic sweater category. 

A classic Icelandic sweater is typically characterized by the beautiful yoke, knitted with a fine pattern in many small geometrical shapes and colors. Originally, the Icelandic sweater was knitted in earth tones, which were plant-colored, and were worn by both women and men. Colors and patterns are therefore often gender neutral and suit both women and men. 

Icelandic sweaters with a feminine touch

At Önling, we have designed a wide range of Icelandic-inspired sweaters, and we often aim for a more feminine look than what the Icelandic sweater is traditionally known for. This is typically enhanced by fit, detail and our choice of colour scheme. Typically, an Icelandic sweater at Önling is a monochrome sweater with a patterned, multi-colored yoke. Bjørk sweater, Draka sweater and Isling sweater are all good examples of reinterpretations of the Icelandic knitting tradition. In addition, Alva Cardigan, which is a beautiful, long cardigan with Icelandic inspired patterns with purl stitches to provide structure.

We have also designed a couple of knitting designs based on the Faroese knitting tradition, where the pattern is typically distributed throughout the sweater. However, our interpretation typically results in more modern designs, where we give the classic pattern a new twist. Gudrun sweater is a great example of a Faroese inspired sweater, which has gotten a slightly boxy fit and deep sleeve holes, to give the sweater a modern look. In addition, we can mention Sirid sweater, which is designed in beautiful deep Nordic colors, which reflect the sea and mountains of the Faroe Islands.

More from Önling's universe of handknitting

At Önling we attempt to offer a complete 360 degree knitting experience with knitting designs in classic, Nordic style and sustainable yarns, and we also offer guides, blogs and how-to videos. At Önling, we develop knitting patterns and sell a large selection of knitting kits, both of our own designs and designs from a number of Danish knitting designers. In addition, we sell yarn, and our bestselling yarn is our own line of sustainably produced Önling yarns. Everything we do at Önling is based on strong sustainable values ​​with a focus on sustainable production, natural materials and long-life design.

We recommend that you take a look at some of our bestselling designs worked in our own yarns. Or perhaps you need more inspiration on how to start knitting if you are a beginner to knitting? In that case we can help you with beginner kits and containing everything you need and yarn in the correct quality and amounts for your knitting project.

Take a look around and get inspired for your next knitting project - have fun!