Sustainable and Organic yarn

Organic yarn - produced according to organic standards 

Are you looking for high-quality yarn in Nordic style and and warm colours, and do you want to make sure that the yarn you knit with is sustainably produced? Then choose yarn from Önling, which is produced according to organic standards and is OEKO-TEX certified.

Choose organic yarn and knit with a clear conscience

At Önling we have a large selection of lovely and soft yarn types. 

We work together with two family-run yarn spinning mills in Italy, which produce the majority of our yarn. Both have a long history and a strong focus on sustainability in their production.

Responsible wool yarn

Our wool suppliers are certified under the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS), the aim of which is to ensure that the wool comes from farmers who treat the sheep responsibly and work on reducing the environmental impact of the wool production.

RWS-certified farmers must respect the five freedoms for animals, which constitute the standard for animal welfare under RWS – which, among other things, includes a ban on mulesing. The certification also ensures that, from farm to finished skein, you know where the wool comes from and that it has not been replaced by other, non-certified wool.

In addition to producing yarn according to ecological principles, with a strong focus on traceability and dyeing in relation to OEKO-TEX standards, these spinning mills have also set themselves a number of other ambitious goals within sustainability. Both spinning mills participate in the 'Roadmap to Zero' certification, which aims to make production more environmentally friendly - for example by using electricity from renewable energy, eliminating single-use plastics and using closed water systems that recycle water.

You can read much more about our many considerations and efforts in relation to sustainability on Önling's general sustainability promises.

You are always welcome to contact us via our infomail: if you have more questions about how organic yarn at Önling is produced. We are always happy to help – and we are happy to hear from you if you have any ideas or comments.