Yarn by producer

Yarn from carefully selected producers

At Önling, we are proud to be able to present a large selection of quality yarns - both our own yarn brand and from some of the leading yarn brands in Denmark. We have a strong vision - and that is to ensure that knitting enthusiasts can buy quality yarn from producers who have clear and responsible values. That is why we have carefully selected the brands of yarn that you find on this page.

A large selection of high quality yarn

We work to ensure that you can choose a yarn brand that feels good to wear - and is produced under the right conditions. That is why we also sell our self-produced and sustainable yarns. As a manufacturer, we can guarantee that Önling yarns are produced under sustainable conditions.

We must also be able to recognize the values ​​we stand for in our collaborations with other yarn brands. Sharing values ​​and attitudes is a characteristic of our collaboration with Isager Yarn, who is also in favor of durable, quality yarns. Isager Yarn is a very popular yarn brand that uses natural fibers in their yarns, which makes the material incredibly soft and environmentally sound to use.

A universe of quality yarns

Regardless of the collaboration we enter into, we always have you as a customer in mind. We want to deliver the best - and only the best yarn for you. Our collaboration with Krea Deluxe is due to their production of fantastic luxury yarns, all of which are organic and GOTS-certified.

Another yarn brand that we can also highly recommend is the Brushed Lace yarns from Mohair by Canard. Mohair by Canard takes social responsibility in the local area where they produce their yarns. Mohair by Canard always has good animal welfare and sustainability in mind. At Önling we support this ambition fully!

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All the producers of yarn, we work with, are Danish and reliable. At Önling, we always make an extra effort in the selection process, so you do not have to examine the different brands of yarn yourself.

Among our bestsellers, is our own Önling No 1 and Önling No 2. All Önling yarns are sustainable and incredibly soft and high quality. Try Önling No 1, which is perfect for everything from sweaters, cardigans to scarves and sweaters.