Aegyo Knit yarn kits

Aegyo Knit makes trendy, yet classic and minimalistic designs

Aegyo Knit is a Danish design collaboration between mother and daughter - a collaboration that strives to create modern knitting patterns with the key characteristics: minimalistic, meticulous and oversized silhouettes.

Aegyo Knit has become ultra popular in the last few years, and many of us love their beautiful, minimalist and Nordic knitwear designs, which is why they are selected and loved by Önling and why we have added them to our curated selection of knititng kits and yarn kits.

Iconic and popular designs from Aegyo Knit

Aegyo Knit really became famous for their beautiful Jeol Sweater, with its iconic herringbone pattern and loose but classic look. The Obba sweater has a herringbone pattern in multicolor knitting just like the Jeol Sweater. The two designs, which are in the same family, have become iconic designs for Aegyo Knit.

The Busan Sweater is another favorite from Aegyo Knit - with its classic look and wide signature cables, it's elegant and versatile for any season. Knitted in Önling No 1 together with silk mohair, it's even luxuriously soft!

The original Eurus sweater and its little sister Eurus slipover are both classic designs from Aegyo Knit. The Eurus sweater and the Eurus slipover are both modern interpretations of a classic Aran sweater. The concept is an oversized silhouette and traditional cables, and it is sure to be a timeless wardrobe favourite

Recently, the Gerda Sweater and Gerda skirt were added to the collection of designs from Aegyo Knit. The Gerda Sweater is a reinterpretation of Åse Lund Jensen's old pattern for a sweater with lots of structure and cables. A true classic has been given new life. Gerda skirt is also based on Åse Lund Jensen's original design, and knitted in Önling No 20 together with silk mohair, you get a rustic, soft and warm skirt with a beautifully defined stitch pattern

Kits with correct yarn amounts for Aegyo Knits popular designs

We will continue to make yarn kits for Aegyo Knit's designs, which means that we find the best possible Önling yarns for the different designs and calculate the appropriate quantities for you - you just need to choose the size and color of the yarn. We guarantee that the gauge and quality will fit the design perfectly.
Note that you need to buy the patterns directly from Aegyo Knit.

Aegyo Knit is Danish design at its best. These are iconic designs that are classic, with simple patterns, subtle details and lots of Nordic flair. Examples of iconic details and classic designs are the beautiful wide cable on the Busan Sweater, and the unique construction used in the Narae cropped sweater and Gujo Sweater.

Classis, oversized silhouettes, just like the Jeol sweater

Aegyo Knit has a special knack for designing and producing trendy designs that are both classic and minimalistic. We love them and can't wait to knit the classics Jeol Sweater and Obba sweater with their beautiful herringbone pattern and oversize silhouette. The Jeol Sweater becomes an absolute classic when knitted in Önling's beautiful tweed yarn, Önling No 16, together with a strand of silk mohair - a combination that brings life and color to both the Jeol Sweater and Obba sweater.

More inspiration from the Önling knitting universe

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