Mink yarn

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Mink yarn – A soft luxury

At Önling we are happy to offer mink yarn for knitters worldwide, as mink yarn is a soft luxury that makes all knitters happy! Mink yarn is a treat to knit with, and a luxury to wear. You can read more about our Önling No 3 mink/cashmere yarn here

As mink yarn is a fairly new and not well known type of yarn, there are multiple questions surrounding mink yarn, that we would like to help answer.

What is mink yarn?

Many are wondering what mink yarn is, and how it is made. So let us look closer at how mink fur becomes mink yarn. Mink changes fur around three times a year, and it is fur from this “sloughing” that is turned into mink yarn. The mink fibers are trimmed by hand and/or brushed off the mink with special gloves. A process similar to trimming sheep wool from sheep to create wool yarns. The trimmed off fur is then sold to a company that mechanically sort the mink fibers in preparation for spinning yarn. No mink is killed to give fur to yarn.

When the mink fibers are spun into yarn, they are often combined with other fibers to add strength or in other ways combine the best qualities from several types of natural fibers. Mink fibers are often combined with wool or cashmere to form a range of luxurious mink yarns, and we therefore talk about mink yarn, mink wool yarn and mink cashmere yarn.  

What is mink cashmere yarn?

Mink fibers are not spun into yarn on their own, rather they are combined with other types of fibers, to take advantage of the beautiful, soft mink fibers, while at the same time creating strong, wearable yarns. One way is to combine mink fibers with cashmere fibers, another soft and luxurious natural fiber. Our mink yarn Önling No 3 contains both mink and cashmere fibers, and we therefore call it a “mink cashmere yarn”.

Mink knitting yarn

At Önling we offer mink yarn for sale to customers worldwide, and we are experiencing an increase in the demand for this luxurious yarn among knitters. Our popular Önling No 3 is a good “mink knitting yarn”, developed and selected by knitters. The yarn has become popular because it is such a treat to knit with and gives a truly unique result that is comfortable as well as stunningly beautiful.

Why knit with mink yarn?

Mink yarn is a unique luxury yarn, that looks and feel like no other type of yarn. Mink yarn is extremely soft, light, and beautiful, as the mink fibers are incredibly soft and have a natural, beautiful shine. Knitting with mink yarn, you therefore get a truly unique and luxurious result – a lifetime favorite, right there!

One of our most popular designs to date is our Ahhhh Mink Sweater. It is a simple design, that lets the yarn be the star of the sweater, creating a unique and luxurious sweater, that you want to wear all the time. The sweater has an almost as popular companion in the Ahhhh Mink Hat, knit in the same delicate mink yarn Önling No 3. If you are looking for inspiration and more ideas for what to knit with mink yarn, see our mink patterns here, or see our knitting kits with mink yarn here.