Alpaca yarn

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Where does the Alpaca fiber come from?

The Alpaca fiber, also called alpaca fleece originates from the Alpaca, a domestic animal from South America living in the Andes Mountains particularly in Peru and Bolivia. The Alpaca is similar to, and often confused with, the llama. The Alpaca thrives in high altitudes, as it has a very thick and warm wool-like fleece, that is even warmer than sheep wool. Alpaca fleece is very popular for its softness and lightness. The small fibers of the alpaca wool make it possible to create very light-weight yarn that is popular for many types of knitting projects. Alpaca yarn is often combined with other types of wool yarn, in order to add softness to other materials, and/or durability to the alpaca yarn. This very soft and luxurious yarn is often used for baby knit but can also be used as an extra luxury in knitwear for adults.

Why alpaca yarn is a good choice

Alpaca yarn is hypoallergenic (allergy friendly) as it does not contain lanolin, like sheep wool does. This makes alpaca wool a particularly good choice for people with allergies. In addition to this, alpaca yarn is softer than wool yarn, and not at all prickly. Alpaca yarn is therefore favored by many who find sheep wool itchy, as well as anyone who wants something extra soft for babies, children, and adults. Because alpaca fleece is made for keeping the alpaca warm in the very cold, high altitude mountains, it has outstanding heat-regulating qualities and is therefore also a good choice for winter accessories such as hats, mittens, scarves etc. Alpaca yarn can also be used for warm sweaters and cardigans, and because it is so light and warm, you can even knit beautiful, warm sweaters with thin yarn and delicate patterns.

Explore Alpaca yarns at Önling

At Önling we sell alpaca yarn from Danish yarn producer Isager Yarn, as well as other types of wool yarn, to customers worldwide. Isager is well known for high quality yarn made of natural fibers, and for their beautiful and extensive choice of colors. If you are looking for soft and delicate alpaca yarn, Alpaca 1 from Isager is a popular choice. It is made of 100% alpaca fleece and available in many beautiful colors. You are also more than welcome to explore our many knitting patterns with alpaca yarn, and knitting kits with alpaca yarn - with plenty of inspiration for alpaca knitting projects.

Inspiration and ideas for alpaca knitting

There are so many things that you can knit with alpaca yarn. You can knit everything from hats and scarves to cardigans and sweaters. Here you can find our top picks and favored inspiration for knitting projects with alpaca yarn. See these knitting patterns and knitting kits with alpaca yarn: